second house planets
Sun in the 2nd house

Your self-esteem and self-worth are connected to what you have. Feeling materially secure is vital for your well-being. Material security and value system are important to you. You will feel empowered by spending time in nature. You believe that thanks to wealth and possession of things, you can achieve respect and prestige. However, do not forget about the sense of words such as love and friendship. Build your system of values on a deep respect for human rights and freedom.

Moon in the 2nd house

You have a strong need to secure yourself and your family financially. Your happiness depends on material comfort. You attach yourself to what you have, and you like to surround yourself with familiar things or souvenirs that evoke sentimental memories. Try to recognise that it is not the items themselves that are essential to you, but the emotional charge they carry. Spending time at home and family gathering will help you regain your inner strength and sense of security.

Mercury in the 2nd house

You appreciate anything that can give useful and efficient results. Education has a mainly economic dimension for you. You use your mental abilities to create comfortable living conditions. You have interesting ideas on how to earn money, and often it could be temporary jobs on a short contract. You have talent for business, commercial and financial transactions, and you are willing to think about it, talk and read.

Venus in the 2nd house

You tend to spend money on entertainment, and you like to surround yourself with the highest quality items, often very pricey. Thanks to friendships and good relationships with people, you can significantly improve your economic situation. When concluding contracts, you can take care of favourable financial conditions, as you have a sense for a profitable business.

Mars in the 2nd house

Mars in this placement favours success in business, and you see competitors as encouragement rather than an obstacle. However, keep control of any of your investments as you may tend to spend money quickly without thinking carefully first. Your advantage is that you are eager to start anything from the beginning as failures do not break you down. Money gives you confidence and a sense of value. Gardening or active outdoor activities can help you regain your energy. You defend energetically what you consider your property.

Jupiter in the 2nd house

You are a resourceful, independent person and you take care of your financial security. Also, destiny favours you in matters of property: you will always get help and advice in this area. If you keep your expenses reasonable, you will always have enough money for extra expenses. If everything goes well in your finances, you have a happy and positive mindset. Apart from this, you have a good sense of what financial benefits will bring to you. When you develop an activity, it must be appropriately prepared and secured. You want to use your knowledge for a specific and useful purpose.

Saturn in the 2nd house

Securing material means for life is an important life issue for you and gives you a sense of security. All matters related to this area develop your personality. Material wealth is a test of your economy, and poverty teaches you how to deal with stressful situations. When shopping, you are careful and only buy those things that will be useful to you in the future. You take material matters seriously, and you can rigorously demand your rights from others. You act sharply in business, but overly carefully. You intend to create something particular and moderate.

Uranus in the 2nd house

You quickly adapt your lifestyle to your current income. You're cleverly dealing with ways of earning a living. You are hesitant to submit to responsibilities associated with material possession. Your way of life must provide you with challenges and develop you like being able to prove the originality and work with people when something is going on. You know the idea of financial freedom, but try to avoid disorder in your financial matters.

Neptune in the 2nd house

With Neptune in this placement, you may experience a great deal of confusion about your property, and you tend to drop to illusions in financial matters. Do not get attached to what you have, giving it significant meaning, because in the case of loss you will feel great pain. At times you may try to relate your value system to practically unreachable ideals. In professional matters, you must stand with both feet on the ground. Earning through everyday work (classic 9am-5pm) may not seem appealing to you, and you may look for something alternative like contracting or freelancing.

Pluto in the 2nd house

That is a problematic position for Pluto, as you want to have what you own under control. You can always think about it, personally, engage and watch your wealth, because it gives you a sense of security. Lavish expenses and desires, force you to look for new sources of income. In love relationships, you want to be self-sufficient and financially independent. Nevertheless, try not to let the desire for money obscure things that are important to you.