4th House Planets: Your Family and Home

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The planets in the fourth house of the horoscope can give us information about our roots, where we come from, our childhood, our relationships with parents, and what awaits us at the end of life.

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Looking at the planets in the fourth house, we can learn about our family situation in which we grew up. The fourth house is also known as imum coeli or the IC.

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Planets in the 4th house:

Sun in 4th house

Your home-life is essential to you and family matters can dominate your life. You need a stable home and a sense of belonging to a family. You can attract people to your home and can make it a centre of activity. You have a keen awareness of your past and ancestry.
Although you are attached to your family, as you get older, you may also get a strong urge to leave your family home and start a home of your own. You are likely to profit from purchases of land, houses, and property.

Moon in the 4th house

The Moon in the 4th house suggests that your place of residence is continuously changing. It can be that growing up you often moved home, your house was always in a phase of renovation or that your family members are often visited. Whatever the situation, it’s likely that as a consequence of that, your home doesn’t feel secure. As a grown-up, you may learn to adjust positively to the regular changes in your home life, or you may experience a continuous feeling of uncertainty. You may have a great hope to live by the water, and this may give you a feeling of deep comfort.

Mercury in the 4th house

Home for you is a place where you exchange ideas and information with other family members. You are flexible with your living arrangements. It may originate from living in different homes during childhood. Mercury here makes one learn much in the home environment.

Venus in the 4th house

You like relationships in the home to be harmonious. You want to create a beautiful home environment. You feel an emotional bond with your parents and the place of your upbringing. Venus here creates many nice memories from childhood.

Mars in the 4th house

You seek action in your domestic environment. You may find it challenging to sit in one place, as you are not a home type. While other family members want to relax, you, on the other hand, want to get things going. You, or a family relative, may have been aggressive in your home during your childhood. You enjoy engaging in heated conversations with other household members.

Jupiter in the 4th house

Family plays an enormous role in your life, and you are likely to experience great happiness in this area. Often, people with this placement experienced loving parents and grew up in a nicely decorated comfortable home. Your family’s well being is essential to you. It affects your well being when things do not go well in your home.

Saturn in the 4th house

Your home and family life are vital to you. However, there can be problems achieving domestic harmony and security. You may encounter difficulties in your place of birth. These can be relieved by moving to another location or country. There may be some challenges in your relationship with one or both of your parents.

Uranus in the 4th house

You are defined by a continuous need for changes in emotional and family life. You need freedom in your home environment. You may face unexpected changes in the family environment, also many removals or repairs. It is difficult for you to find something secure and stable in yourself that you can refer to in times of crisis. You break ties with the past, and you may not have the need to put roots down anywhere.

Neptune in the 4th house

You may find it difficult to put down roots. There may be uncertainty concerning your family history or ancestry. Challenges with one of the parents are possible. Perhaps there could have been substance abuse or alcoholism in the family during upbringing. If possible, you should try to live near water, as this can be calming and comforting.

Natal Pluto in the 4th house

Power struggles in the home and with family members are possible. The father’s influence, in particular, is likely to be felt in one way or another throughout life.

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