6th House Planets-Your Daily Life & Routine

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The sixth house in astrology is associated with your daily and life routine, work, daily duties, routine, health, diseases and small animals. 

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The Natal Sun in the 6th House

With the Sun in the sixth house, one is exceptionally skilful, has excellent attention to detail and is devoted to working. People with this placement continuously worry about their position at work. Often they also feel anxious about catching any diseases.

The Natal Moon in the 6th House

The Moon here, on the other hand, makes one a reliable employee, someone others can rely on in every situation. Natives with this placement pay a lot of attention to personal hygiene, and they want their home to be clean and tidy, as this impacts their overall well-being.

Natal Mercury in the 6th House

Mercury in the sixth house gives one the ability to get out of any problematic situation. People with this placement have a clear, logical mind and are often perfectionists. In personal relationships, they can be shy and modest.

Natal Venus in the 6th House

With Venus in this house, a well-done and organised work gives one great satisfaction. In interactions with co-workers, natives with this placement are patient and kind. Venus here also indicates that they may meet their love partner at the workplace. Furthermore, they may also have a talent for sewing and designing clothes.

Natal Mars in the 6th House

The fiery planet Mars in the sixth house gives one a lot of strength and enthusiasm, primarily to compete in the workplace. Such a person competes not only with his rivals, but also courageously faces disease. People with this placement can work hard and persistently. They pay close attention to details. A job that suits them will be a subordinate rather than a managerial position.

Natal Jupiter in the 6th House

Jupiter in the sixth house gives excellent health, exceptional competence and extraordinary abilities. Natives with this placement focus on personal development. They want to contribute to the improvement of social relations and the well-being of all people. Jupiter here often makes one interested in the issues of ecology.

Natal Saturn in the 6th House

For natives with Saturn in the 6th house, work is an essential part of everyday life. They like to feel needed and useful. Moreover, they enjoy taking on new challenges and have a talent for topics that require accuracy. In the long run, if they perform well their duties, work will gain the respect and recognition.

Natal Uranus in the 6th House

Uranus in the sixth house gives one an unusual and original approach to caring for others. People with this placement are often environmentalist, and they quickly make friends with the people they work. They also may tend to frequently change jobs, as they value their freedom and don’t like the typical 9-5 roles.

Natal Neptune in the 6th House

Planet Neptune in the sixth house gives one a natural ability to work in social service. People with this placement tend to work selflessly and want to help others. They have a lot of patience and understanding of their co-workers. Neptune here can also make one unaware of unproven medicine and strange diets. For that reason, natives with Neptune here should better consult a doctor before trying anything new, instead of making any assumptions.

Natal Pluto in the 6th House

Pluto in the sixth house gives one a strong need to help others. People with this placement need to be sure that what they do is useful to others. They must feel a mission in what they do, and often the work that they do may have a transformational effect on them.

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