11th House Planets – Your Friendships, Desires & Luck

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The eleventh house is associated with the sign of Aquarius, the ruler of Saturn and Uranus. The planets positioned in the 11th house give us more insights into our attitude and viewpoint towards groups of people, communities and friendships.

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Unlike the tenth house, which represents our calling, the authority, the more authoritarian parent, the eleventh house describes groups, the community we belong to, our luck, dreams and desires. It also represents friends. These can be all kinds of groups, associations, organisations, political parties, various communities.

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Planets in the 11th house

The Natal Sun in the 11th house

The natal Sun here indicates a strong personality. Such a person always has a head full of ideas and believes that even the most challenging ideas can be implemented into practice.

The Natal Moon in the 11th house

The natal Moon in the 11th house indicates generosity and success, but luck can be changeable. People with this placement feel emotional satisfaction when they spend time with their friends with whom they can share their personal feelings.

Natal Mercury in the 11th house

With natal Mercury in the house of friends and groups, makes one an excellent communicator in social situations. Someone who can talk to others without alienating them. Natives with this placement are usually open and enjoy being surrounded by friendly people.

Natal Venus in the 11th house

Natal Venus in the eleventh house brings a lot of positive experiences, especially in connection with other people. Natives with this placement like spending time in social circles and enjoy getting involved in group activities.

Natal Mars in the 11th house

Natal Mars in the eleventh house highlights drive and ambitions in achieving life aspirations. People with this placement recover their inner strength and get energised when they spend time with friends. In group activities, they are competitive and enjoy the extra challenge.

Natal Jupiter in the 11th house

Natal Jupiter here makes one shine through friendships and involvement in group activities.

Natal Saturn in the 11th house

Natal Saturn here gives native a sense of security when belonging to a group or a community. Nevertheless, this type of person often does not believe in happiness. It is because he assumes that he must work for it himself, relying solely on his resources.

Furthermore, people with this placement want to achieve goals set at the expense of hard work and a lot of effort. Furthermore, Saturn points to a narrow circle of friends.

Natal Uranus, Neptune & Pluto in the 11th house

In turn, Uranus, Neptun or Pluto in the eleventh house indicate the weave of unexpected circumstances and unusual situations. Also, sudden shifts and the desire for periodic, thorough revisions of aspirations. Uranus and Neptune here indicates casual friendships and the desire to be in a group that unites around the unusual and original ideas.

Pluto, however, deals with relationships that can change the fate of the native, positively or negatively. Sometimes the influence of Pluto in the eleventh house turns out to be quite perverse.

When there are no planets in the eleventh house, you should look at the sign on the cusp of this house and the placement of its ruler within your birth chart.

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