7th House Planets: Your Relationships

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Learn about the 7th house planet placements in Your Natal Chart.

By Justyna

With the Sun in the 7th house, relationships will play an essential role in one’s life. Often people with this placement feel incomplete until they find their other half. 

The Moon here, on the other hand, indicates that the native seeks emotional security through relationships. Hence people with the Moon in this house often marry young. If the Moon is well aspected, this should be a happy marriage. However, if it has some difficult aspects, then the marriage may, for instance, be delayed.

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People with Mercury in the 7th house seek mentally stimulating relationships. Often the love partner happens to be of a Mercurial type and have the Sun or stellium in Virgo or Gemini.

One of the best planet placements in the 7th house is Venus, as this is the natural ruler of this house. Natives with this placement want their relationship to be perfect and beautiful. Nevertheless, poorly aspected Venus can indicate disappointments and frustrations.

With Mars in the house of marriage and relationships, the native will seek excitement and at the same challenge. Natives with Mars in the 7th house will often seek partners with a strong Mars or well-positioned Aries in the natal chart.

Jupiter here is a sign for a happy marriage and natives with this planet placement may find a partner that is wealthy and successful. However, if Jupiter is poorly aspected, then the marriage partner may be somewhat unreliable and irresponsible.

People with Saturn in the 7th house seek security through relationships. A well aspected Saturn here is a great bonus and help for the relationship to be long-lasting, as this cold planet may present obstacles along the way. Sometimes Saturn here also indicates loneliness in the marriage and/or that the native will marry late.

Natives with Uranus in the house of marriage and relationships will need a lot of freedom. They may find it challenging to stay in a long term relationship or find it hard to have a traditional love relationship. Often, people with this placement may attract slightly eccentric and unconventional partners.

People with Neptune in this house will seek a soul mate, someone with whom they will connect on an emotional and physical level.

Finally, with Pluto in the 7th house, the native will often attract partners who are manipulative and want to be in control of their life. That could be connected to relationship karma carried over from previous incarnation(s).

No planets in the 7th house?

Look at the Sign on the cusp of the 7th house and the placement of its ruler. Also, the aspects that the ruler of the 7th house makes to other planets.

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