Welcome! My name is Justyna and I use Astrology to help people in different areas of life. This includes matters related to searching for life purpose, best career match, marriage, business and whatever else one needs to feel fulfilled in their life.
Getting an astrology reading can be an enjoyable experience, as it can be an excellent help/guidance that you can use to take charge of your life and your future. Nevertheless, many people actually are not familiar with astrology readings, before having the first one done. For this reason, you should make sure, that you know what it is that you are looking for from the astrology reading and what sort of themes you want it to cover.

Before purchasing a reading, make sure you have your correct birth data. That consists of the date, time and place of birth. Often the time of birth is the tricky part. Hence if you can’t find your time of birth, you can have a chart rectification done, where I will ask you for the dates of the 12 major events of your life to establish the exact time of your birth. I would recommend this option if there is a few hour window for the birth time.

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