Aquarius November 2019

Mercury turns retrograde in water sign Scorpio as the month begins (1st November) and this could cause delays and frustrations in transport, short trips and all types of communication like emails, phone calls, social media and so on. Perhaps you may have to repeat some things or send an email again.
It is not the best time for beginning new projects, but it can be a good time for completing them. This Mercury retrograde is taking place in your area of career and public status. Now you may want to rethink your career direction and the way that you communicate and with people.

A planet is called retrograde when it seems to be moving backwards from Earth. However it isn’t actually moving backwards, it just appears to be. Mercury ends his retrograde and goes direct in Scorpio on 20th November. It should make the travel and communication return to normal. Fortunately, it is the last retrograde of the year.

On the 1st of the month, Venus is moving to your 11th house, joining Jupiter, making it a good time for making a new friend, or having more harmony in your social life.

A full moon occurs on 12th November in the sign of stable Taurus, making you want to connect with your home and your immediate environment.

Mars leaves Libra and enters water sign Scorpio on the 18th. You may suddenly feel more inspirational when teaching or tutoring others. It is a great time for being proactive in all aspects of your life.

The Sun joins Venus in Sagittarius on the 22nd, and shortly after a new moon in Sagittarius occurs on 26th November. This is a significant time to think about your dreams and wishes in all areas of your life. If necessary, create new ideas and plans.

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