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Aries is symbolised by the Ram, an animal known for its determination and strength. Despite the self-confidence, Aries often feel weak, and unworthy and can find themselves discouraged or even depressed.

The planetary ruler of Aries is the fiery Red Planet Mars, the Red Planet, representing desire, action, impulse, independence, and fearlessness. Aries is associated with the 3rd chakra, representing personal power and self-will. Aries is a fire and a cardinal sign, indicating an ambitious, go-getters passionate and action-oriented.

When you are born with your Sun in Aries, you are likely an energetic, passionate, impulsive, and spontaneous individual, who restlessly search for a way for self-expression through action. You are a true trailblazer who understands the leadership role through your desire for a new experience and a yearning for recognition. Nevertheless, this can cause disagreement if you are the one receiving and not giving, the orders, as you enjoy the competition.

In relationships, you find it challenging to understand the idea of slowly, growing friendship, as if you like someone, you will say that immediately. You tend to fall into passionate love romances inspired by a sudden flash of intensity. Quick beginnings may be the sign of unexpected endings, as you find it hard to rekindle commitment once the glow of excitement slowly burns down. You must be careful, that because of your lively temperament you do not end up in more trouble.

On your way to personal growth, you could obtain much from attempting to control your impulsive reactions with perseverance, planning, and consideration for others. Before you can comprehend the world, you must first master the art of understanding yourself.

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