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Full & New Moons Explained

Each month we experience a new moon then two weeks later a full moon. I think everyone has experienced the feeling of full moon energy, did you know new moons, positive and negative ions influence you too? By Justyna Rossy New Moon The Moon goes through different phases. There are eight different phases with the… Read More »Full & New Moons Explained

Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Chiron was discovered in 1977 orbiting between the planets Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. Many consider it as an asteroid or a small planet.  By Justyna Chiron in Greek Mythology In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur – an ideal combination of human intelligence and animal instinct. He was… Read More »Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Love in Astrology

Timing in Astrology is essential. In this article, we will explore the best timings for new love, romance and marriage. By Justyna Rossy Love and astrology have its own unique timing, and there are indications within your progressed chart that will help you discover and learn about those particular years when someone new will be… Read More »Love in Astrology
5th house

The Houses of Astrology – The 5th House

Believe it or not when the Sun enters the 5th house (and he does so every year around the same time) things start to happen. Some of the keywords that are given to this sector of your chart are Pleasures: Children: Holidays: Hobbies: Speculation: Creativity: Childhood. By Thomas Muldoon Being the house of creativity it… Read More »The Houses of Astrology – The 5th House
The Houses of Astrology - The Eighth House

The Houses of Astrology – The Eighth House

One of the most misunderstood ‘houses’ when looking at any chart for it contains the essence of radical and fundamental change – which scares most people. By Thomas Muldoon Called one of the terminal houses (along with the 4th and 12th) for when the Sun (and he enters this house once a year) or any… Read More »The Houses of Astrology – The Eighth House
9th house

The Houses of Astrology – Ninth House

Welcome to the ‘luckiest’ house of Astrology and what is ‘luck’ but being in the right place at the right time AND in being in your right mind? By Thomas Muldoon In this house, you’ll come to understand the meaning of the word TRUTH (which is often the opposite of what we’re taught to believe).… Read More »The Houses of Astrology – Ninth House
full moon influence

How The Full Moon Influences You

Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon oppose each other, and this opposition between the two big luminaries of the sky creates a certain unbalance. It’s like we’re in the middle of a strong magnetic field and loose balance as soon as we try to move out. By Tove Cecilie Fasting We tend to… Read More »How The Full Moon Influences You
full moon magic

Full Moon Magic! Harness the Power of the Full Moon!

The Night of the Full Moon is known for its beauty, its healing properties, its fantastic energy, and its magic! The Energy of the Full Moon is a powerful energy. By Fay Chapple There are many rituals and beliefs in various cultures and religions on the use of moon energy. At Blue Avalon we believe… Read More »Full Moon Magic! Harness the Power of the Full Moon!
The Progressed Sun in the Houses

The Progressed Sun in the Houses

Progressions represent the various stages in our lives as well as our urges and how they influence our lives. By Justyna However, our urges can significantly transform how we react to situations and consequently, our choices. We mustn’t fight them, but instead, we should rather accept them and go with the flow. For that reason,… Read More »The Progressed Sun in the Houses
planets in the 4th house

4th House Planets: Your Family and Home

The planets in the fourth house of the horoscope can give us information about our roots, where we come from, our childhood, our relationships with parents, and what awaits us at the end of life. By Justyna Looking at the planets in the fourth house, we can learn about our family situation in which we… Read More »4th House Planets: Your Family and Home

Saturn in the Signs

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and the 10th house cusp. It signifies our physical need for self-protection and self-preservation. Also, the basic need for food and shelter. Achieving these is led by the need for a physical sense of security that is within us all. By Justyna That is the energy of Saturn, to… Read More »Saturn in the Signs
pluto natal and transits

Pluto in Astrology and its Significance

Pluto in Astrology often signifies situations and circumstances that we have no control over. They usually disrupt the plan we had for our life.  By Justyna By understanding Pluto, you will realise that this planet is about transformation, the death and rebirth. If you have any hard aspects to Pluto in your natal chart, you… Read More »Pluto in Astrology and its Significance
Sun Sign Vs Ascendant

Your Sun Sign vs Your Ascendant

Most people will know their Sun Sign. However unless they have some knowledge of Astrology or have had their chart analysed, they may not know which Sign their Ascendant or otherwise also called Rising Sign falls in. By Justyna The simplest way to explain your Ascendant or Rising Sign is to compare it to an… Read More »Your Sun Sign vs Your Ascendant
3rd house sibling karma

3rd House Planets: Sibling Karma

The third house planets in the natal chart can give us clues about how we fit into our family. They also indicate the sibling karma and can provide us with hints of the former cooperation relating to that karma. By Justyna Planets in the 3rd House With the natal Sun in the third house, you… Read More »3rd House Planets: Sibling Karma
Planets in the 1st House

1st House Planets: Find Out What’s Unique About You

By Justyna Planets placed in the first house have a great influence on our personality, and they can tell us what’s unique about us. The more planets found in this house, the more we will be egocentric and self-centred. However don’t worry, not everyone has got planets in the first house. If there aren’t any… Read More »1st House Planets: Find Out What’s Unique About You
7th house planets

7th House Planets: Your Relationships

Learn about the 7th house planet placements in Your Natal Chart. By Justyna With the Sun in the 7th house, relationships will play an essential role in one’s life. Often people with this placement feel incomplete until they find their other half.  The Moon here, on the other hand, indicates that the native seeks emotional security through relationships.… Read More »7th House Planets: Your Relationships
the midheaven - 10th house cusp

10th House Planets: Find Your Calling (The Midheaven)

The Midheaven (the 10th house cusp), also known as the Medium Coeli, or MC for short is the southernmost high point above the horizon at the moment of our birth. By Justyna In the natal chart, it defines how successful we will be in our career. To be more precise, our Midheaven determines our career goals, our reputations… Read More »10th House Planets: Find Your Calling (The Midheaven)
Pisces Zodiac Sign


SYMBOL – TWO FISH DATES – FEB 19TH TO MAR 20TH RULING PLANET – JUPITER, NEPTUNE HOUSE RULED – TWELFTH ELEMENT – WATER MODE – MUTABLE With the Sun in the water zodiac sign Pisces, your energy is obscure and complex to determine. It is due to your character being connected to the heavenly spheres… Read More »Pisces
aquarius zodiac sign


SYMBOL – WATER BEARER DATES – JAN 20TH TO FEB 18TH RULING PLANET – SATURN, URANUS HOUSE RULED – ELEVENTH ELEMENT – AIR MODE – FIXED With the Sun in the zodiac sign Aquarius, you have a domineering stripe of freedom, fuelled by a unique and progressive mind. You are naturally drawn into science and… Read More »Aquarius
capricorn zodiac sign


SYMBOL – SEA GOAT DATES – DEC 22ND TO JAN 19TH RULING PLANET – SATURN HOUSE RULED – TENTH ELEMENT – EARTH MODE – CARDINAL With the Sun in the zodiac sign Capricorn, you are very determined and ambitious. Patient and disciplined in achieving your goals, you also have a strong sense of duty. You… Read More »Capricorn
sun in sagittarius


SYMBOL – CENTAUR DATES – NOV 22ND TO DEC 21ST RULING PLANET – JUPITER HOUSE RULED – NINTH ELEMENT – FIRE MODE – MUTABLE With the Sun in Sagittarius, you are honest, straightforward, and sincere. You enjoy your independence, particularly when it comes to self-expression, exploring new ideas, or philosophies. Your natural appetite for variety… Read More »Sagittarius
sun in scorpio


SYMBOL – SCORPION DATES – OCT 23RD TO NOV 21ST RULING PLANET – MARS, PLUTO HOUSE RULED – EIGHTH ELEMENT – WATER MODE – FIXED With the Sun in Scorpio, you are passionate and strong-minded. Driven by powerful undercurrents of feeling, you present something of a mystery to pure, more straightforward souls. You could make… Read More »Scorpio
libra sun sign


SYMBOL – THE SCALES DATES – SEPT 23RD TO OCT 22ND RULING PLANET – VENUS HOUSE RULED – SEVENTH ELEMENT – AIR MODE – CARDINAL If your natal Sun is in Libra, you are a true diplomat who gets satisfaction in creating peace and harmony. You enjoy social gatherings, having fun with friends and family.… Read More »Libra
sun in virgo


SYMBOL – THE VIRGIN DATES – AUG 23RD TO SEP 22ND RULING PLANET – MERCURY HOUSE RULED – SIXTH ELEMENT – EARTH MODE – MUTABLE With the Sun in the sign of Virgo, you are the sort of person who looks for perfection but doesn’t always find it. You are all too aware that preserving… Read More »Virgo
sun in leo


SYMBOL – THE LION DATES – JULY 23RD TO AUGUST 22ND RULING PLANET – SUN HOUSE RULED – FIFTH ELEMENT – FIRE MODE – FIXED With the Sun in Leo, you love to be the centre of attention. The spotlight is where you feel most at home displaying your dramatic talent, natural charm and enthusiasm.… Read More »Leo
sun in cancer


SYMBOL – THE CRAB DATES – JUNE 21ST TO JULY 22ND RULING PLANET – MOON HOUSE RULED – FOURTH ELEMENT – WATER MODE – CARDINAL With the Sun in Cancer, you are a sympathetic person who can depend on your feelings and intuition to get about in life. Tough from the outside with a good… Read More »Cancer
sun in gemini


SYMBOL – THE TWINS DATES – MAY 21ST TO JUNE 20TH RULING PLANET – MERCURY HOUSE RULED – THIRD ELEMENT – AIR MODE – MUTABLE With the Sun in Gemini, you are friendly, humorous, unpredictable, and curious. Therefore it is not a surprise that it is difficult for you to settle down. Communication is vital… Read More »Gemini
taurus sun sign


SYMBOL – BULL DATES – APRIL 20TH TO MAY 20TH RULING PLANET – VENUS HOUSE RULED – SECOND ELEMENT – EARTH MODE – FIXED With the Sun placed in the sign of Taurus, you are a patient, realistic and determined individual. Even though you seem calm and mild-mannered on the outside, you nevertheless maintain steady… Read More »Taurus
aries sun sign


SYMBOL – RAM DATES – MARCH 21ST TO APRIL 19TH RULING PLANET – MARS HOUSE  – FIRST ELEMENT – FIRE MODE – CARDINAL Aries is symbolised by the Ram, an animal known for its determination and strength. Despite the self-confidence, Aries often feel weak, and unworthy and can find themselves discouraged or even depressed. The… Read More »Aries
12th House Planets

12th House Planets

The 12th house alongside the 4th and the 8th house is the house of karma, and the planets found here have great karmic connections. By Justyna If you have more than one planet in the 12th house, it means that you had a lot of experiences in previous lifetimes. In this lifetime, you may become… Read More »12th House Planets
2nd House Planets:

2nd House Planets: Your Wealth Opportunites

The second house in astrology is associated with the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus which it rules. It represents our wealth, our income, the way we earn it, how we spend it and on what. By Justyna For this reason, it is also often called the house of our possessions, movable possessions like… Read More »2nd House Planets: Your Wealth Opportunites
second house planets

The 2nd House planets placement in the Natal Chart

The Natal Sun in the 2nd house Your self-esteem and self-worth are connected to what you have. Feeling materially secure is vital for your well-being. Material security and value system are important to you. You will feel empowered by spending time in nature. You believe that thanks to wealth and possession of things, you can… Read More »The 2nd House planets placement in the Natal Chart

The Sun In The Signs

ARIES With the Sun in Aries, you certainly are an energetic person. Passionate, impulsive, and spontaneous, you restlessly search for a way for self-expression through action. You are a true trailblazer who understands the leadership role through your desire for a new experience and a yearning for recognition. Nevertheless, this can cause disagreement if you… Read More »The Sun In The Signs
the progressed moon

The Progressed Moon: Your Current Motivations

The Progressed Moon’s Sign symbolises your overall mood. The House position of your progressed Moon shows areas of life where you will focus your energy and your thinking. By Justyna The progressed Moon shows us what our evolving emotional needs are. The location of the progressed Moon (by the house) reveals where your focus is… Read More »The Progressed Moon: Your Current Motivations
mercury in the signs

Natal Mercury in the Signs

Mercury, like Venus, is one of the personal planets. It is located within the Earth’s orbit, continually remaining a short distance from the Sun. In the astrology chart, it is usually in the same sign where the Sun is situated or in one of the neighbouring ones. By Justyna In the body, Mercury controls the… Read More »Natal Mercury in the Signs
natal venus in the signs

Natal Venus In The Signs

Venus is one of the personal planets orbiting the Sun in approximately 225 days. It symbolises harmony, beauty, love, sensuality, desire for relationship, passion and the type of bonds with people you like forming.  By Justyna In ancient Greece, Venus was identified with the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra.… Read More »Natal Venus In The Signs
natal moon in birth chart

The Natal Moon through Zodiac Signs

It is the largest celestial body visible in the night sky, shining with the reflected light of the Sun. What is more, it is a natural satellite of the Earth and needs about 28 days to go around it. This makes it the fastest blue body moving in the sky. By Justyna The Moon as we… Read More »The Natal Moon through Zodiac Signs

The Ascendant: How Others See You

The Sign on Your Ascendant and what comes with it By Justyna Ascendant, also called the rising sign, is a zodiacal sign that rises in the sky at the time of your birth. It doesn’t have to be the same sign as your Sun Sign. It is one of the most important and most significant points… Read More »The Ascendant: How Others See You

Love indicators in the Birth Chart

Why him? Have you ever wondered why you become attracted to a specific type of man? By Justyna There are probably many people that appear in your life, often handsome and some of them might be even husband potentials and yet you do not get fascinated by their charm. You do not feel chemistry towards them,… Read More »Love indicators in the Birth Chart