Cancer October 2019 Horoscope

Cancer October 2019 Horoscope

Your attention this month is on your immediate environment. Your interaction with relatives and parents will increase, and you have a strong desire to spend more time in your family surroundings.

Events that occurred in the past might come back to you through memories. It is now when you may want to conduct a self-evaluation and let go of old habits that don't serve a purpose anymore in your life.

You have a high energy increase to work around your home and getting a lot of tasks done. If you live with your family, there may be days when you disagree with them on some issues. You may have to make an extra effort in these upcoming weeks. Otherwise, there may be unnecessary disagreements.

If you own a land, this could also be the time when you disagree with others on matters concerning land ownership and use.

You can express adequately any issues that are in your mind. You will be attracted to reading, writing or playing games more than usual.

It is a good time for having fun, to express yourself through some creative activity. Love and relationships are in your favour. You get along smoothly with your love partner.