The Planets through the First House

Look at the planets in the first house of the horoscope, and you’ll find out what’s unique about you.

Planets placed in the first house have a great influence on our personality, and they can tell us what’s unique about us. The more planets found in this house, the more we will be egocentric and self-centred.

However don’t worry, not everyone has got planets in the first house. If there aren’t any planets in this house in your chart, then you should look at the sign on the cusp and the placement of its ruler within the chart.

Now, let’s look at the meaning of the planets in the first house.


When the Sun is in the first house, you are a self-confident person who is full of vitality and enjoys good health. Sometimes, however, such a placement may indicate of narcissistic tendencies, lust for power or obsession.


With the Moon in the first home, your sensitivity is high, and you may be emotionally unstable. Such people adapt quickly, but they are also oversensitive on their point. They usually remain very strongly influenced by the mother.


When Mercury is in the first house, it points to a sharp mind, the ease of expressing oneself (such people can talk ), literary abilities, and intelligence.


With Venus in the first house, you are physically attractive with a lot of grace and personal charm.


Mars in this house indicates the immense power of perception, the will to fight and the quickness of action. People with this placement usually have high physical strength, so it is not surprising that such individuals with this placement often join the military or become athletes, football players and so on.


Jupiter in the first house indicates a lot of optimism, joy, luck and happiness throughout life.


With Saturn in the first house, one may tend to luck confidene and be rather pessimistic. On the other hand, it can also indicate maturity, reliability and realistic attitude towards life. Successes usually come in the second half of life.


Meanwhile, Uranus in the first house usually indicates an eccentric and dependent mind, someone who is distinguished by something entirely original. People with this placement are usually rebellious with a great need for freedom and independence.


Neptune in the first house is an indication of great intuition, high sensitivity and artistic talents. This kind of people are detached from reality, with their mind in the clouds, often escaping into the world of imagination.


In turn, someone who has Pluto in the first house instinctively plays the role of a dictator. Pluto adds depth, charisma, and a sense of authority. Such a person can influence people, sometimes even by manipulating them.

The Planets through the Seventh House

With the Sun in the 7th house, relationships will play an essential role in one’s life. Often people with this placement feel incomplete until they find their other half. The Moon here, on the other hand, indicates that the native seeks emotional security through relationships. Hence people with the Moon in this house often marry young. If the Moon is well aspected, this should be a happy marriage, however, if it has some difficult aspects, then the marriage may, for instance, be delayed.

People with Mercury in the 7th house seek mentally stimulating relationships. Often the love partner happens to be of a Mercurial type and have the Sun or stellium in Virgo or Gemini.

One of the best planet placements in the 7th house is Venus, as this is the natural ruler of this house. Natives with this placement want their relationship to b perfect and beautiful, nevertheless poorly aspected Venus can indicate disappointments and frustrations.

With Mars in the house of marriage and relationships, the native will seek excitement and at the same challenge. Natives with Mars in the 7th house will often seek partners with a strong Mars or well-positioned Aries in the natal chart. Jupiter here is a sign for a happy marriage and natives with this planet placement may find a partner that is wealthy and successful. However, if Jupiter is poorly aspected, then the marriage partner may be somewhat unreliable and irresponsible.

People with Saturn in the 7th house seek security through relationships. A well aspected Saturn here is a great bonus and help for the relationship to be long-lasting, as this cold planet may present obstacles along the way. Sometimes Saturn here also indicates loneliness in the marriage and/or that the native will marry late.

Natives with Uranus in the house of marriage and relationships will need a lot of freedom and may find it challenging to stay in a long term relationship or find it hard to have a traditional love relationship. Often, people with this placement may attract slightly eccentric and unconventional partners. People with Neptune in this house will seek a soul mate, someone with whom they will connect on an emotional and physical level. Finally, with Pluto in the 7th house, the native will often attract partners who are manipulative and want to be in control of their life. That could be connected to relationship karma carried over from previous incarnation(s).

The Midheaven in your Natal Chart

The Midheaven, also known as the Medium Coeli, or MC for short is the southernmost high point above the horizon at the moment of our birth. In the natal chart, it defines how successful we will be in our career. To be more precise, our Midheaven determines our career goals, our reputations as well as public achievements.

To find your Midheaven, you need a correct birth time, date, and place. You can calculate your birth chart by using the birth chart calculator. The sign on the 10th house cusp will describe how you can achieve success in life, by choosing the career that is most suitable for you.

With MC in fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), we have the strength, courage and motivation to gain the recognition and a consistent faith of our worth. Earthly signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) indicate patience, methodology in achieving ambitions, as well as determination and duty. In turn, air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) give versatility, the ability to adapt to new conditions and gaining broad support. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) tend to discover everything unknown and inaccessible.

People with the Sun in this house, are ambitious and successfully striving to gain recognition. Such a person has many qualities of a leader, although he sometimes abuses power. The Moon, on the other hand, helps in gaining popularity, as it gives an intuitive sense of trends.

Mars in the tenth house encourages competition, gives ambition and sometimes fierceness. Mercury, here, in turn, indicates a predisposition to mental work, as well as writing. Venus in the career house means artistic talent and a passion for beauty. Professional goals are best achieved with gentleness, grace and charm.

Jupiter here indicates excellent success, the richness of possibilities and ease of achieving goals. Such a person quickly climbs to the top, promotes smoothly, and can become a judge, lawyer, minister or scientist. Saturn brings more significant complications in the career. On the one hand, people with this placement may feel unlucky and continuously blocked, finding it difficult to progress in their career. On the other hand, they are never satisfied with their job, due to having too high expectations. Saturn here also indicates fear of failure and unwillingness to admit one’s mistake. In this case, one has to earn success the hard way, which often means that the actual success will come in the second half of life.

Uranus in the tenth house has rebels and all sorts of subversives who do not like to submit. They choose original professions related to new technologies, computers and electronics. Neptune, however, points to a career that will be a life mission, often associated with various sacrifices. It also helps in shapely creating your own media image. That is why many celebrities and politicians have Neptune in this house. Nevertheless, with Pluto in the tenth house, one can use their position for both good and bad purposes.

If there aren’t any planets in this house, we look at the sign on the cusp of this house and locate its planetary ruler.

Finding your career path can be a challenging task. As children, we often dream of a career that excites us, however, as we become adults, we get lost in the material world and end up doing something that doesn’t give us much satisfaction. If you are searching for a fulfilling career, but are unsure of what it is, then order this extensive Career Reading and find happiness through something that you love.

The Karmic Twelfth House

Karma and Planets in the Twelfth House

The twelfth house alongside the 4th and the 8th house is the house of karma, and the planets found here have great karmic connections. If you have more than one planet in the 12th house, it means that you had a lot of experiences in previous lifetimes. In this lifetime, you may become interested in searching for the unknown or learning about spirituality and your life purpose. However, if you don’t have any planets in the 12th house, then you should look at the sign on the cusp of this house, its ruler placement within the chart and its aspects.

Natal Sun in the 12th house

The Sun in the 12th house indicates that you are an old soul. In the previous life (lives) you were someone famous or important, who lived in the public eye like a royal or a leader. Therefore, in this life, it will be quite easy for you to get a similar position or become a person with authority, but you should carefully look for the sphere in which you will show your individuality. Your soul chose to incarnate and stay behind the scenes. That may be a hard lesson to learn for someone who had everything he wanted to be done immediately.

The Sun in the 12th house could also indicate karma with the father. Often the father figure was emotionally detached during childhood or unavailable for some other reason. You may find it challenging to control the inner compulsion of guiding or teaching others. When you were in your mother’s womb, you felt unique, and this could be because your parents were very excited and couldn’t wait to meet you.

Natal Moon in the 12th house

With Moon in the 12th house, there is a karmic debt with the mother figure, and also about mothering and being a mother. This kind of soul may have previously been too overprotective (Moon in Cancer) or too cold and withdrawn (Moon in Aquarius). Nevertheless, you were connected emotionally with your mother in the previous incarnation, but not only in a positive way but also the negative. Your mother could have been a reason for some disappointment. In this life, you react very emotionally to everything, and you are often moody or capricious. This can lead to not being able to understand your emotions.

Furthermore, you may find it challenging to control the internal need to handle everything very emotionally. When you were in your mother’s womb, you were truly aware of your mother. You felt everything that she felt and everything that she experienced.

Natal Mercury in the 12th house

Mercury, in the 12th house, indicates that in the previous life, you were genuinely focused on ideas and theory. Moreover, you could have participated in academic or experimental research, which only ended on theory. For that reason, you came to this world with a high intellectual curiosity, which should not be wasted, but skillfully channelled.

You can quickly become frustrated if you do not share your thoughts or ideas with others. You have a subconscious need to think, speak, write, and communicate. You should try not to say anything in vain, and you should not waste your mental and scientific energy, but instead use it in practice.
You may find it challenging to control the internal need to communicate with others, speaking, and writing. When you were in your mother’s womb, you heard everything that was said to her and around her.

Natal Venus in the 12th house

With Venus in the 12th house, in the previous life, you were either a great beauty, a well-known lover, or a great poet or artist. Your focus was on art and big romances. In this life, you want to experience joy and love above all, or you may also dream of practising some art.

Furthermore, you have an unconscious need to strive for beauty (regular visits to a beautician, special diets, etc.), and to everything that is associated with pleasure and romance. You have a deep need to give someone love. The challenge you may have is to control the need for loving – showing respect and taking love away, which may be associated with either actual romance or one-sided love. When you were in your mother’s womb, you were aware of her love or the lack of it.

Natal Mars in the 12th house

With Mars in the 12th house, in the previous life, you were a soldier or someone who practised martial arts, or you were strongly challenged on some sporting scene. In this life, you need to express yourself on the physical level, which may not always be easy to do, because you do not always understand your motives or misunderstand them. You either exaggerate anger and aggression or restrain yourself by accumulating, and then you explode. Find a way to systematically spend your physical energy on workouts or by spending time in nature.
You may find it challenging to control the internal pressure of physical activity, which may be associated with either aggression or suppression.
When you were in your mother’s womb, your mother may have undergone a surgery or had an accident.

Natal Jupiter in the 12th house

With Jupiter in the 12th house, in your past life, you had a very active and glamour social experience. You could have been born into a noble family, or you were someone who was very well educated. In the present incarnation, life, it is essential for you to be an active part of the community. Also – because Jupiter is a planet of exaggeration – you may be starting too many projects or spending too much money (more than you have). You are craving for social attention and need to be accepted in society with care and warmth. You wish to share your passion with others, and perhaps you are in a constant search of your place on the earth.

You may find it challenging to control the inner compulsion of exaggeration and getting recognition in the society. When you were in your mother’s womb, you felt very comfortable. That could be thanks to the proper medical care that your mother received during pregnancy.

Natal Saturn in the 12th House

If you have Saturn in the 12th house, it means that in the previous life many of you have suffered and you came to this world with a sense of regret, sadness, or guilt. In this life, members of your family may be poor, needy, sick, or have too many duties and burdens. It may be difficult for you to believe that you deserve happiness because you often get a sense of sadness and loss and unconsciously sabotage your projects and possibilities. First, learn to forgive yourself and others.

Ultimately, the 12th house Saturn gives you a lot of life wisdom because over the years people with 12th house Saturn are strengthening, and the emerging restrictions, troubles, and difficulties, increased their spirit and body. You may find it challenging to control the internal pressure of frustration, dissatisfaction, and the feeling of limitations. When you were in your mother’s womb, you felt a restriction and did not feel comfortable.

Natal Uranus in the 12th House

If you have Uranus in the 12th house, it means that your previous life was exciting, intense, full of unexpected changes (revolution, earthquake, volcano eruption, tsunami, etc.). Now you probably also live in a family that has been fluctuated by various changes. In this life, you want, and you may do many changes or reforms. You have a lot of nervous energy and a tendency to sudden compulsive actions. Innovative Uranus in the 12th house encourages and forces you to look for people, companies, and organizations that will appreciate your creative ideas, or encourage/force you to repair this world yourself.

You are unable to control the internal compulsion to free yourself from restrictions/gaining and maintaining independence and making sudden, sometimes strange changes, reforms, or revolutions. When you were in your mother’s womb, you felt some disturbance, anxiety of the mother related to the changes.

Natal Neptune in the 12th house

With Neptune in the 12th house, in your past life, you were a dreamer, a poet, a spiritual person, or maybe even in the worst scenario a drug addict. Your family tended to mix into affairs, illusions, deceptions, uncertain, or illegal matters. In this life, you may have a compulsive desire to escape from reality through laziness, alcohol, etc. Now you have to learn to hold fantasies at the level of consciousness, and spiritual and creative gifts should be grounded.

You may also find it challenging to control the inner urge of falling into states of confusion, illusion, and entering into vague situations and interests. When you were in your mother’s womb, it was difficult for you to distinguish one from another. Perhaps your mother was drinking, taking some medicine, or being exposed to some toxic substances.

Natal Pluto in the 12th house

Pluto in the 12th house in the natal chart indicates a past life regarding matters related to violence and power. Perhaps you were involved with the wrong people of society. For instance, you were a criminal or victim of war or psychosis of the masses. In this life, you are geared unconsciously to survival. Your psyche seems to be often a can of Pandora. Perhaps you are afraid of your dark power.

One should realize that every power should be used for the good of others and for doing good in the world. With Pluto in this house placement, you may find it challenging to control the internal compulsion to enter into extreme, plutonic situations. When you were in your mother’s womb, you were aware of the separations or extreme situations that were happening around your mother.

The Wealth indications according to the Second House

Your wealth opportunities in the second house of the natal chart

The second house in astrology is associated with the sign of Taurus and the planet Venus which it rules. It represents our wealth, our income, the way we earn it, how we spend it and on what. For this reason, it is also often called the house of our possessions, movable possessions like for instance money or sunglasses. Hence our house or land would be described by the fourth house and not the second.

Sun in the 2nd house

With the Sun in the second house, you can put too much focus on getting rich. You are also very resourceful because the idea of an empty bank account gives you anxiety. You usually generate your income through some powerful positions or unique talents of some sort. Your self-esteem and self-worth are connected to what you have. Feeling materially secure is vital for your well-being. Material security and value system are important to you. You will feel empowered by spending time in nature. You believe that thanks to wealth and possession of things, you can achieve respect and prestige. However, do not forget about the sense of words such as love and friendship. Build your system of values on a deep respect for human rights and freedom.

Moon in the 2nd house

Moon in the second house is an excellent planetary placement too. This type of people can predict the economic situation intuitively, however, on the negative side they may also experience frequent cash flows and outflows This, in turn, can often lead to the unstable financial situation and emotional attitude towards money. You have a strong need to secure yourself and your family financially. Your happiness depends on material comfort. You attach yourself to what you have, and you like to surround yourself with familiar things or souvenirs that evoke sentimental memories. Try to recognise that it is not the items themselves that are essential to you, but the emotional charge they carry. Spending time at home and family gathering will help you regain your inner strength and sense of security.

Mercury in the 2nd house

Mercury, on the other hand, offers an excellent understanding of financial markets. People with this placement are smart, resourceful, energetic and can think economically. You appreciate anything that can give useful and efficient results. Education has a mainly economic dimension for you. You use your mental abilities to create comfortable living conditions. You have interesting ideas on how to earn money, and often it could be temporary jobs on a short contract. You have talent for business, commercial and financial transactions, and you are willing to think about it, talk and read.

Venus in the 2nd house

People who have Venus in the second house can enjoy the accumulated material goods and all the pleasures associated with it. Venus here also indicates artistic talents that can be used to generate wealth. You tend to spend money on entertainment, and you like to surround yourself with the highest quality items, often very pricey. Thanks to friendships and good relationships with people, you can significantly improve your economic situation. When concluding contracts, you can take care of favourable financial conditions, as you have a sense for a profitable business.

Mars in the 2nd house

Mars, on the other hand, emphasizes entrepreneurship, courage bordering on bullying. That is why people who have it in the second house not only play with money but also take financial risks, which in extreme cases may lead to ruin. Mars in this placement favours success in business, and you see competitors as encouragement rather than an obstacle. However, keep control of any of your investments as you may tend to spend money quickly without thinking carefully first. Your advantage is that you are eager to start anything from the beginning as failures do not break you down. Money gives you confidence and a sense of value. Gardening or active outdoor activities can help you regain your energy. You defend energetically what you consider your property.

Jupiter in the 2nd house

When Jupiter occupies the second house of a natal chart, it indeed grants luck with money. This kind of person is often born to a rather wealthy family, and from his young age is used to a life without financial problems. There is also a high possibility of inheriting a family business, the privilege of all types, respect and even popularity. This benefic planet is often found in the natal charts of billionaires, such as Bill Gates or Donald Trump. The second house is our wealth, our possessions, money and material things that we own. You are a resourceful, independent person and you take care of your financial security. Also, destiny favours you in matters of property: you will always get help and advice in this area. If you keep your expenses reasonable, you will always have enough money for extra expenses. If everything goes well in your finances, you have a happy and positive mindset. Apart from this, you have a good sense of what financial benefits will bring to you. When you develop an activity, it must be appropriately prepared and secured. You want to use your knowledge for a specific and useful purpose.

Saturn in the 2nd house

However, Saturn in the second home is a sign of either agony or selfishness. Nevertheless it doesn't mean that the person with this placement will not be financially well of; however, it is often a sign that one grew up in a rather low-income family. Securing material means for life is an important life issue for you and gives you a sense of security. All matters related to this area develop your personality. Material wealth is a test of your economy, and poverty teaches you how to deal with stressful situations. When shopping, you are careful and only buy those things that will be useful to you in the future. You take material matters seriously, and you can rigorously demand your rights from others. You act sharply in business, but overly carefully. You intend to create something particular and moderate.

Uranus in the 2nd house

Uranus in the second house emphasizes the race for material independence, although it also indicates a poorly thought-out attitude towards money. You quickly adapt your lifestyle to your current income. You're cleverly dealing with ways of earning a living. You are hesitant to submit to responsibilities associated with material possession. Your way of life must provide you with challenges and develop you like being able to prove the originality and work with people when something is going on. You know the idea of financial freedom, but try to avoid disorder in your financial matters.

Neptune in the 2nd house

With Neptune in this house, the matter is the same, but it favours getting rich through spiritual abilities. Such people can make money on esoterics, or get into dark swindles. You may experience a great deal of confusion about your property, and you tend to drop to illusions in financial matters. Do not get attached to what you have, giving it significant meaning, because in the case of loss you will feel great pain. At times you may try to relate your value system to practically unreachable ideals. In professional matters, you must stand with both feet on the ground. Earning through everyday work (classic 9am-5pm) may not seem appealing to you, and you may look for something alternative like contracting or freelancing.

Pluto in the 2nd house

With Pluto in the second house, you are well aware of the power of money, and you can often become obsessed about it. As a result, you may try to use it to manipulate others. That is a problematic position for Pluto, as you want to have what you own under control. You can always think about it, personally, engage and watch your wealth, because it gives you a sense of security. Lavish expenses and desires, force you to look for new sources of income. In love relationships, you want to be self-sufficient and financially independent. Nevertheless, try not to let the desire for money obscure things that are important to you.

What if there are no planets in the second house?

In that case, we look at the sign on the cusp of the second house and the ruler placement and its aspects. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn indicate resourcefulness. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius emphasize curiosity, however Aries, Leo and Sagittarius find it easy to spend money. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces signal anxiety and dilemma in material matters.

The Sun in the Signs


With the Sun in Aries, you certainly are an energetic person. Passionate, impulsive, and spontaneous, you restlessly search for a way for self-expression through action. You are a true trailblazer who understands the leadership role through your desire for a new experience and a yearning for recognition. Nevertheless, this can cause disagreement if you are the one receiving and not giving, the orders, as you enjoy the competition.

In relationships, you find it challenging to understand the idea of slowly, growing friendship, as if you like someone, you will say that immediately. You tend to fall into passionate love romances inspired by a sudden flash of intensity. Quick beginnings may be the sign of unexpected endings, as you find it hard to rekindle commitment once the glow of excitement slowly burns down. You must be careful, that because of your lively temperament you do no end up in more trouble.

On your way to personal growth, you could obtain much from attempting to control your impulsive reactions with perseverance, planning, and consideration for others. Before you can comprehend the world, you must first master the art of understanding yourself.


With the Sun placed in the sign of Taurus, you are a patient, realistic and determined individual. Even though you seem calm and mild-mannered on the outside, you nevertheless maintain steady and consistent energy. You are amazingly reliable and motivated, especially where the money is the last consideration. More than anything, you are driven to get the great things in life: material possessions, real joys, and comfort.

In your relations with other people, you are kind and gentle, with a compassionate ear, always happy to help with a supportive word or a piece of useful advice. However, you are not so receptive to another’s competent counsel yourself, being very much a creature of habit. You dislike it when people try to force on you a new direction because even though you seem calm on the outside, inside you are incredibly stubborn. Sensual by nature, you make a devoted and romantic lover and will do all you can to maintain a stable relationship and happy home life. However, it would be best if you were wary of a tendency to become overly possessive and jealous, for this can undermine the very harmony you seek.

On your way to personal growth, the challenge for you is to learn the appreciation of luxury and comforts of life (money, possessions, and relationships), without getting too attached to them.


With the Sun in Gemini, you are friendly, humorous, unpredictable, and curious. Therefore it is not a surprise that it is difficult for you to settle down. Communication is vital to you, and you never run out of topics to talk about in family and social gatherings. Thanks to your interest in travel, learning, you could be the right candidate for careers connected to writing, communication or teaching. Due to your restlessness and general curiosity, however, you may find it hard to follow a particular occupation or path in life.

With your lively and communicative character, you make friends fast, possessing a natural empathy for good company and conversation. However, beware a tendency to be a “social butterfly” drawn towards the glitter of light-hearted wit and gossip, only to take flight as soon as things take a more severe turn. That may work well at parties, but in matters of love may produce no more than a string of superficial relationships. That is not to say you cannot become a sincere and faithful partner – it may just take a little work that’s all.

On your path to personal growth, you must learn discipline and practice to apply your gift for communication constructively.


With the Sun in Cancer, you are a sympathetic person who can depend on your feelings and intuition to get about in life. You are very tough, and holding good common sense, you are always very practical and sensible — loving and protective to all. Safety, home and family life are vital to you, although you also love to travel, as long as you feel you have a secure home base to return to. You also like cooking, growing things, and appreciate music.

Although you are very sensitive, you do not always project your emotions outside, and this can make you suffer from ulcers. The exciting thing is that you are unconsciously projecting what you are feeling in any case, and people around you are usually well aware of your emotional state without your realising it. You automatically tend to seek sympathy from those who are close to your heart, and you may find it challenging to be more independent emotionally.

On your path to personal growth, the biggest challenge for you is not to take things so personally or fall victim to your moods and emotions.


With the Sun in Leo, you love to be the centre of attention. The spotlight is where you feel most at home displaying your dramatic talent, natural charm and enthusiasm. The downside is that you suffer from wounded pride when ignored or neglected. Nevertheless, the sadness you experience is likely to be temporary. Unless the wound is deep, any doubts you may have in your ability to succeed will be quickly dispelled by your natural optimism and self-confidence. It is this vital impulse and persistence that makes you a born leader and organiser.

You are serious and fair in your dealings with others. Once you have determined that a person is worthy of your trust, you are incredibly loyal in your friendships. You also make a romantic and generous lover. Because your standards are so high, however, you are likely to be disappointed when those closest to you fail to meet your expectations. Your partner is liable to feel the chill of your displeasure if they do something to lose your admiration or respect. Nursing a fierce pride, you do not forgive or forget easily, especially if the slight is personal.

On your path to personal growth, the greatest challenge for you is to let go of your particular view of the world and the way things should be. You need to learn how to trust others to do things that you feel can only be satisfactorily completed if you do it yourself. The key is to promote a more detached and impersonal approach, and then you will realise that your re greatest dreams can be accomplished through service to others and a kind, compassionate heart.


With the Sun in the sign of Virgo, you are the sort of person who looks for perfection but doesn’t always find it. You are all too aware that preserving order is an uphill battle against the forces of chaos. Nevertheless, you are ready, if not forced, to take up the challenge. Wherever grace and structure are missing, you will try to introduce it. This temperament makes you an exceptional and honest worker with an excellent sense of neatness, capability and organisation. You know where everything belongs, and if there is not such a place, you will create it.

Other people in your life may not always share your interest for correctness and neatness, and this can be a frequent cause of conflict. Where loved ones may complain that you are far too picky, you will tend to be critical of their loose and careless actions. Although it might not fix their bad manners, you should from time to time find ways to be more loving despite their mistakes. It would help if you also were cautious of applying your judgment inwards, on yourself, as your well-being may suffer as a consequence.

On your way to personal growth, your challenge is to utilise your analytical and discriminating wisdom to grow a more spiritual life. The simple explanation of your abilities is in assistance to others. However, try not to worry so much about correcting imperfections.


If your natal Sun is in Libra, you are a true diplomat who gets satisfaction in creating peace and harmony. You enjoy social gatherings, having fun with friends and family.

You have a genuine spirit and a well-developed perception of aesthetics: travel is likely to be a source of many joys for you. Company is vital to you, as you do not like to be alone for long. Indeed, it is through the close relationships that you find yourself, rather than alone. That is true in love as well as friendship. A genuine romantic at heart, you want above all to achieve a comfortable home living through a long-lasting and harmonious marriage.

On your path to personal growth, you must learn to develop a sense of value that does not rely on the reasonable opinion of others. You want to be liked by people, but because of that may have difficulty standing up for yourself not to get enemies or hurt anyone’s feelings. Indecisiveness could be another effect of this trait. The challenge lies in recognising that the source of the problem lies within yourself.


With the Sun in Scorpio, you are passionate and strong-minded. Driven by powerful undercurrents of feeling, you present something of a mystery to pure, more straightforward souls. You could make a living out of discerning other’s hidden motives. Your curious mind and high concentration would make you an excellent detective or a researcher. Alternatively, you may be attracted to politics or any role that allows you to realise your purpose. You can be resentful, revengeful or sarcastic, caring little for the feelings of others where you feel your will has been stopped.

Although you make a terrifying enemy, you can also be a true friend and a caring and loving lover. Indeed, you may amaze your partner with sudden demonstrations of affection, the power of your emotions and your intense sensuality. You create deep passionate relationships, and once you fall in love, you will be entirely devoted to your love partner. However if for some reason your love companion lets you down, it will take a while until you forgive him.

On your way to your personal growth, the challenge is to let go of your more self-serving ambitions, especially where these bring you into conflict with others. Even though it may be hard for you to forgive and forget, you should try to let go and move on with your life without looking for any revenge.


With the Sun in Sagittarius, you are honest, straightforward, and sincere. You enjoy your independence, particularly when it comes to self-expression, exploring new ideas, or philosophies. Your natural appetite for variety and adventure leads you to seek out unique experiences either through travel, a new companion, or a new career — whatever it takes to keep life interesting.

You often say what comes to your mind, but our emphasis on speaking your mind can sometimes put you in trouble. You can be candid to the point of rudeness or tactlessness, quickly telling an old friend that their company no longer appeals to you, or that their conversation is dull or boring. For despite your warmth and generosity, you can be quite clumsy and insensitive at times. In relationships, you resist being tied down to just one person and may not be ready for a serious commitment like marriage until you find the right love partner with whom you wish to share your life.

On your path to personal growth, you must learn how to develop a real sense of tolerance and understanding. You are fortunate to be guided by optimism, honesty, and ideals. Keep the focus on your highest aspirations and let your inner light lead you to your most authentic goals.


With the Sun in Capricorn, you are very determined and quiet ambition. Patient and disciplined in achieving your goals, you also have a strong sense of duty. You don’t like sudden changes and have a rather conservative view of the world. Your ability to lead, through organisation and example, sometimes masks a powerful and personal wish to succeed. You want to have a secure financial life, but not because you love money, but because you care about your social status.

When it comes to dating, you enjoy flowers, dinner, candlelight, and romantic music. Moreover, if you find the partner of your dreams, you will work hard to create a beautiful home and a successful marriage. You would make a very competent and caring parent, but can be rigid with a child who does not share your ideas or goals. Remarkably efficient and slightly stiff by nature, you find it difficult to relate to more vivacious and freedom-loving individuals. That does not mean you lack a sense of humour.

On your path to personal growth, your sense of humour may provide a useful key. By avoiding a tendency to sarcasm and choosing instead not to take yourself quite so seriously, you will discover a lighter and more human side that will bring delight to everyone, including yourself.


With the Sun in Aquarius, you have a domineering stripe of freedom, fuelled by a unique and progressive mind. You are naturally drawn into science and technology. Whatever your profession, your most deep-felt source of personal joy is likely to be working toward something ideal.

Despite some natural eccentricities, you are a rather social person, and you like to share your interests with a large group of friends and work colleagues. Social rank does not particularly interest you in other people, as you care more about what they say, rather than what they look like. Friendship is vital for you, and you will look for a partner with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas. That can lead to difficulties if your partner, in turn, wants a warmer, more intimate and passionate relationship. It may take time, however, before you can trust someone and reveal your thoughts and feelings.

On the path to your personal growth, you believe in the power of ideas to change the world and make it a better home for humanity. Your difficulty is to overcome an inclination toward intellectual pride. Also, it would help if you tried not to be dominated by your idea of freedom.


With the Sun in Pisces, your energy is obscure and complex to determine because your character is connected to the heavenly spheres of the psyche. You can adapt quickly to a strange environment.

You are easily affected by others, due to your sensitive nature. You quickly soak the vibrations of people around you and often you put your needs on the side to help others. That gives you a tendency to self-sacrifice. You are not usually interested in the material world.

As you progress on your journey to personal growth, you need to learn to trust in your strengths and not only on your weaknesses. It is true that to avoid the rigours of the spiritual path; you could become prey to your weaknesses. You may be prone to addictions, so it is advisable to be aware of overindulgence in drugs or alcohol. From time to time you may need to escape from the outside world to recharge your energy.

Your current motivations according to the Progressed Moon

Progressed Moon

The Progressed Moon’s Sign symbolises your overall mood. The House position of your progressed Moon shows areas of life where you will focus your energy and your thinking.

The Progressed Moon triggers a reaction, awakens memories and awakens your potential – ‘activating’ any planet in any house it enters. Your Moon will be experienced in your way, channelled by the sign and house placement and any aspects it makes with other planets and points in your chart. Even though there are many born to the same date of birth we are all different – not having the same mother, nurturing, lifestyle, education or background, etc.

Moon is the ruler of Cancer, it is exalted in Taurus, in fall in Scorpio and finally in detriment in Capricorn.

People Moon in Cardinal signs in their birth chart (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are the most assertive and most interested in promoting change and influencing the environment. Aries seek leadership and control, Moon in Cancer rules emotions, home and family and Libran Moon’s try to control relationships, partnerships and their social environment. Finally, people with Moon in Capricorn use and often exploit the material environment.

People born with signs in fixed Moon ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are the most stable and self-contained. They leave the environment alone being more interested in personal matters. They are consistent and tend to be inclined to hold on to the past.

Taurus is the most stable in behaviour and attitude. However Leo has some difficulty modifying behaviour and attitude, Scorpio tends to get stuck in an emotional rut and Aquarian Moon’s often caught in a negative self-image.

Those born with Moon in Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) are open to external influence, and because of that they are flexible but also the least stable. They find it easy to let go of people and things. Gemini Moon tends to be changeable in ideas, and Virgo Moon tends to be dominated by environmental issues. People born with Moon in Sagittarius, on the other hand, have ever-changing views on life and Pisces tends to pick up on the negative energy of others.

Let’s take a look at Progressions through the Zodiac Signs.

Progressed Moon in Aries

With progressed Moon in this fiery sign, it is a good time for new beginnings, new projects and fresh starts. Furthermore, your motivation is higher, and you want to reinvent yourself in some way or another. You may feel an increase in energy and willingness to do different things and your life is busier than usual. That is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences.

Progressed Moon in Taurus

During this time you will put your energy focus into financial matters, setting yourself realistic goals and establishing a budget plan to increase your income. Working in the garden will seem very appealing and if you have any extra money, think about treating yourself to some new clothes and accessories. The keyword for this time is sensuality. Since Taurus is an earth sign, that is a great time to find a safe place where you which you will call home or a place where you can recharge your energy.

Progressed Moon in Gemini

You have a great need for mental stimulation and also a need for a variety in your everyday life. Communication is the theme keyword for the time your progressed Moon travels through Gemini. That is an excellent time for learning something new like perhaps a new language, writing letters, blogging, socialising and making or developing new friendships.

Progressed Moon in Cancer

Family and home are the primary focus in your life now. You feel like you want to come in touch with your feelings and needs. That is a good time for making long term plans for the future, undergoing home renovations or buying a new house. Your imagination is very creative, so you may also feel like changing the furniture in your house or getting new paintings for your entrance hall or the lounge.

Progressed Moon in Leo

That is a passionate time, and you will often feel stronger than usual. If you are single, this is the time to go out and meet your soul mate. However, those of you who already have a love partner; you may feel like this is the time to start thinking about having a baby. With progressed Moon in this fire sign, you will want to share and present your talents and abilities.

Progressed Moon in Virgo

That is an excellent time for self-improvement, in terms of introducing a healthier diet, improving work schedule and staying fit. Getting how to be and stay organised will also play a vital role during this period. You may find that people around you are more critical and sarcastic than usual; however, try not to take things too personally. During this time you may also need to do some volunteering work.

Progressed Moon in Libra

During the time that the Moon stays in this air sign, you will become more social, outgoing and gracious. Relationships with other people play a crucial role in your life at this time. During the conversations with people, you will be more diplomatic than usual, and you may even have an increased need for having someone significant close to your heart.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

You may become secretive and feel an urge for some excitement in your life. You will feel empowered and put your energy towards the matters of intimacy and sexual needs. That is also an excellent time to take a bank loan. Since Scorpio is a very intense sign, you may have a desire for more profound experiences and stronger bonds with people who are close to your heart.

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

You may need personal freedom, and you don’t want to be restricted by any boundaries. Intellectual growth and gaining new experiences is what you desire right now. The current routine might become boring and dull, and you might decide to do something different that involves philosophy or spirituality, something that will develop your mind and expand your imagination.

Progressed Moon in Capricorn

Your position is the society plays an important role now. You wish to put your energy into the professional aspect of your life and change or improve things that are not working anymore. You may feel like you want to set yourself new career goals work towards them. You also want to focus on your relationship with your parents.

Progressed Moon in Aquarius

That is an excellent time for engaging in group activities, friendships, being social and at the same time getting involved in networking to increase your income. Sometimes you may feel like you people do not understand you for your originality; however, you must be yourself to follow your destiny. Individuality will also play a vital role during the time the progressed Moon remains in this eccentric air.

Progressed Moon in Pisces

That is a time when you want to make a review of your life and let go of things of people that do not bring anything positive in your life. You may feel like you want to withdraw from the outside world and recharge in solitude depending on your personality. That can be a very emotional time, and often people get drawn into soul-searching to find emotional or spiritual peace.

Natal Mercury in the Signs

Mercury, like Venus, is one of the personal planets. It is located within the Earth’s orbit, continually remaining a short distance from the Sun. In the astrology chart, it is usually in the same sign where the Sun is situated or in one of the neighbouring ones.

In the body, Mercury controls the nervous system, breathing, hands coordination, memory and the conscious mind. It rules the mind and is associated with communication, thinking and intelligence. Responsible for intelligence, it is also related to interpersonal relationships, our siblings, neighbours, short trips as well as work, papers, documents, counting and information. When Mercury is strong and well-positioned in the birth chart, it gives literary talent, oratory power, curiosity and the ability to acquire knowledge with ease. But at the same time, it can reveal a negative influence, like prying, manipulation, theft or fraud. Mercury’s aspects point to our intellectual abilities, talents and ways of expressing them.

People born with natal Mercury in Aries are lively, but on other occasions can also be aggressive, sharp and expressive. They often speak in a raised voice, sometimes even shouting. However, when Mercury is located in stable and stubborn Taurus, it makes the native more optimistic and trustful, though also very strong. This is often a good placement for doing business as such ones such people make they never change their mind.

Responsible for communication and intellectual energy, Mercury gives exceptional mental efficiency when placed in Gemini (good sense of humour, cheerful nature). As Mercury is the natural ruler of this mutual sign, people with this placement are often very bright, communicative and talkative. They can think soberly, however on occasions also tend to draw fast conclusions.

Mercury in Cancer gives a good intuition, so when making decisions, such people are usually led by instinct and emotions, and not common sense. People with Mercury, in the sign of the fiery Leo, are charismatic and easily convince others of their ideas. This placement also gives good leadership skills.

With Mercury in Virgo (its ruling planet), one needs order in their life to function at their best. Disorder and chaos not only distract them but also seem to affect their steadiness and well being.

Those born with Mercury in Libra are famous for their diplomatic skills as they always take into account two sides of a coin. Hence making decisions, especially when they have to choose from two options, comes extremely hard. A slightly different mind represents the position of Mercury in Scorpio, which is famous for its intensity. People with this placement are discreet and often very secretive. In turn, Mercury in the fiery Sagittarius usually gives a lot of confidence, varied interests and a gift of persuasion. However, it can sometimes indicate an arrogant belief in the rightness of one’s reasons.

Sober thinking is highly prominent with Mercury in Capricorn, which emphasises a disciplined mind and good common sense. These people never lose a thread and rather have no illusions, which sometimes turns into negative thinking.

A completely different type of mentality is represented by Mercury in Aquarius, proclaiming originality, cleverness, good sense of observation, as well as talent for inventions. It also happens that Mercury, in this sign, points to a person who is busy with their thoughts and abstract theories, which often leads to losing contact with reality. The same applies to Mercury in Pisces, which also gives great empathy as well as the ability to learn involuntarily.

Natal Venus in the Signs

Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty

Venus is one of the personal planets orbiting the Sun in approximately 225 days. It symbolises harmony, beauty, love, sensuality, desire for relationship, passion and the type of bonds with people you like forming. In ancient Greece, Venus was identified with the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. In the body, it is responsible for the throat, bloodstream, ovaries and kidneys. Apart from that it also controls skin rashes.


Venus in Aries

You are spontaneous in expressing your feelings and enjoy flirting straightforwardly. You get quickly fascinated with other people, and for this reason, you may fall in love instantly. However, because of that, you can also get bored rapidly with your partner and for this reason, may find it hard to build lasting relationships. You may realise that you are more interested in the process of flirting and getting someone’s interest than in maintaining a healthy relationship. With your charming and often childlike attitude, it makes others difficult to get angry with you. In a relationship, you attract others with your vibrant energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. You tend to stay away from partners who are serious, responsible, and controlling.

Venus in Taurus

This is a dominant position for Venus, as Taurus is its natural ruling sign. This placement makes you extremely sensual. You enjoy comfort, pleasant experiences and like to surround yourself with luxury and beautiful objects. For this reason, it is essential for you to have the financial security that will provide this type of comfort. In relationships, intimacy and touch are critical to you. You often need to control what is happening in your relationships and feel threatened by any changes. This can often result in you being quite possessive. Usually, you need some time to fall in love, as you do not like to throw yourself new relationships. However as soon as someone gets your feelings, the relationship will last a long time.

Venus in Gemini

With Venus in this mutable sign, you value very much communication in relationships with other people, and you also have a great need to share your thoughts with your partners continually. Apart from that you also need intellectual stimulation in your relationships, and you most certainly dislike when things are predictable and every day is the same in love partnerships, as you can get bored very quickly. Moreover, you also tend to stay away from partners who are quiet and somewhat severe, as they would most certainly drain you. Finally, people with Venus in Gemini enjoy charming their love partners with their intellect, brilliance and a great sense of humour. They are often very good at flirting using a game of words.

Venus in Cancer

With your natal Venus in Cancer in the relationships, you expect safety, stability and care from the partner. You often treat your partner like a mother, always caring for their physical and mental well-being. Emotions and closeness are significant to you, as you would find it hard to be with a cold person who keeps you at a distance. You need a lot of attention and interest and can intuitively sense the moods and the needs of others. At times you can be careless and prone to being offended. With Venus in Cancer family is essential to you and you usually stay connected to it throughout life. Similarly, your home, which you treat as a place where you want everyone to feel cosy and comfortable. For this reason, you enjoy looking after it, decorating it and making it look pretty and stylish.

Venus in Leo

With Venus in Leo, you like to feel special and noticed by others. In love, you are very romantic and at the same time dramatic, inclined to essential words and grand gestures. Sometimes you may like to make your partner envious, talking about how much attention you get from the opposite sex. However you only do it you make your partner jealous because, in reality, you are faithful, loyal and constant in feelings. You, on the other hand, perceive jealousy from your partner as a compliment, a confirmation that your partner cares about you. You may have some artistic talent and may try to use to create something in life to feel more fulfilled.

Venus in Virgo

You like to be needed and are willing to sacrifice and persevere yourself to work on the relationship. You can accept the fact that the relationship is far from ideal, but at the same time, you try to strive for the perfect partnership. Often you do not feel confident when it comes to your ability to get the other person’s feelings, and you may even think that you do not deserve them. For this reason, some people who fancy you may feel that you are not interested in having a relationship, even though it isn’t true.

Furthermore, at times when you meet someone for the first time, it may take you a little while until you open up. You are not attracted to people who like to show off and are superficial. When it comes to your taste in art, clothing or interior design, you usually go for the natural raw materials, simplicity and toned down colours.

Venus in Scorpio

When Venus is placed in Scorpio in your birth chart, you attract people with a particular magnetism and mystery in behaviour. You are a passionate and sensual person with strong feelings. In general, you are very much involved in love relationships, and you need to love and be loved wholly and exclusively. You may be prone to emotional dependence on and control of partners, even though you may find it difficult to admit it to yourself. You create an impression of being stable in your feelings and loyal.

Nevertheless, at the same time, you may find it hard to feel secure emotionally in relationships. At times you may be overwhelmed by fears that your partner will leave you, and what is important to you will come to an end. This can lead to you losing the joy of partnership and identify love with constant fears and suffering.

Venus in Sagittarius

You are a sincere, direct, spontaneous and usually a cheerful person who enjoys being on the move, dancing and spending time in nature. In relationships, you want to develop and expand your horizons, and you appreciate the company of people from whom you can learn something interesting. You want the other person to share or at least accept your views and ideas. You do not like monotony and routine; you are not interested in relationships and people who are too predictable. You are impatient, you don’t like to stay in unsatisfying situations, and when a crisis occurs, you can break up such a relationship quite quickly. You must be very committed to wanting to give this relationship a second chance and work on it.

You have a great need for freedom and can take some time before you get involved and bond with someone permanently. When you are interested in someone in a romantic way, you will try to win that person’s heart your optimism, sense of humour and joy of life. Sometimes you also try to show off your life wisdom and have a tendency to philosophise.

Venus in Capricorn 

With your natal Venus in Capricorn, you may project yourself to others like a cold and reserved person. You approach your love and relationships very seriously, by being devoted and faithful; however, you lack spontaneity. Sometimes you associate with practical reasons, for example, to improve your position. When someone is interested in you, you try to make a good impression on him with your responsibility, competence and self-control. You may seem distanced and isolated, but some people are fascinated and the more they will try to break the barriers to gain your interest. The apparent coolness usually results from a lack of self-confidence and at the same time try to hide it. Love in your concept is expressed in practical gestures, in responsibility for the other person, not in great words and dramatic deeds. You are quite conservative, and at the same time have been in feelings and are looking for a serious relationship that you will probably want to formalise.

Venus in Aquarius

With natal Venus in Aquarius, you have a great need for freedom in relationships. You cannot stand limitations and possessiveness. You can give the impression of being cool and not very involved. Your partner relationships are more like a friendship than a typical love relationship. As with all Venus positions in air signs, you are looking for intellectually stimulating partners with whom you can have stimulating conversations. With your natal Venus in Aquarius, it is particularly essential for you that your partner has an open mind and does not follow the schemes so that he can accept your often unique views, interests or preferences. At the same time, you usually give others the right to own opinions and preferences; however strange they may seem. Often you have a modern, avant-garde sense of aesthetics and your unique style, for example in clothing or the way of furnishing your apartment.

Venus in Pisces

You are a sensitive and romantic person, dreaming about perfect love. You often idealise your partners, without noticing or ignoring their bad habits, which later may result in disappointments. People with this placement often attract partners with problems and people who need help, as they do not take into consideration the person’s social status.  In other scenarios you may get involved in complicated relationships with people who are sick or addicted, believing that you can get them out of it – meanwhile, it may happen that someone like you will get in trouble or use your credulity. You can also be inclined to sacrifice for someone and give up your own goals. Unfortunately, especially with the problematic aspects of Venus, the not-so-nice feature of this position is the use of this sacrifice to make a sacrifice and arouse a sense of guilt in the partner.

The Natal Moon

It is the largest celestial body visible in the night sky, shining with the reflected light of the Sun. What is more, it is a natural satellite of the Earth and needs about 28 days to go around it. This makes it the fastest blue body moving in the sky.

The Moon as we see it from Earth changes every day. This rhythmic cycle is called lunar phases. They are related to the rhythms of nature the tides and outflows of the oceans. That is how the weather is monitored and various natural phenomena. For this reason, the Moon symbolises what is variable and quick, something that fluctuates, appears and disappears. Just like emotions that are the expression of our internal reactions.

In Astrology the Moon represents our Mother, our needs, our past, our feelings and our mood.


Moon feels best in water signs, especially in romantic, caring but also capricious and moody Cancer which tends to hesitate.

With the Moon in Cancer, you rely on the acceptance and recognition of others. Your deep sensitivity can cause from time to time a brooding and moody nature. With your exceptional memory, you are one of the fastest learners in the whole zodiac. Once you learn something, it stays in your mind for a long time if not forever. However you do not strive to become intellectually superior to others, but you do feel the need to be educated enough to escape negative judgment. To get through life, you rely more on your instinct than thought.

Without the doubt with Moon placement in this sign, the heart overrules the mind. Nevertheless, you do have a strong intuition. It is hard for you to make a confident decision since rational thought is not your most potent ability. However, you do have a strong intuition and trust that above and beyond even your own naturally distrusting and suspicious thoughts.

Your sensitivity is so acute that the emotions and attitudes of your surroundings can influence your mood. Your heart is on your sleeve, but you spend significant amounts of time crafting a shell over it so that others can’t spot the vulnerability. How you are perceived is so vital that you may have a genuine fear of showing weakness. These changing moods can make it difficult for maintaining a relationship. That’s unfortunate, considering how much importance you put on family and the security of home.

In a loving relationship, you are gentle and romantic, significantly protective over their castle. You can be so protective that it crosses the line and becomes controlling. You give the utmost importance anything that has to do with securing the home. You do not appreciate anything that challenges the security of the house. Apart from that you dislike sudden change, risks or divergent opinions and treat them with apprehension. You enjoy holding on things tightly. However, you should realise that they may not be around forever.

Similar characteristics take place with Moon in Pisces; however, also, this type of people are also very dreamy and are willing to sacrifice others needs above theirs. On the negative side, people with this Moon placement might be prone to addictions and are also extremely sensitive and melancholic.

Intense emotions, and at the same time secretiveness, the need for power and control over others, are revealed by Moon in Scorpio (water sign). With this placement, one may experience intense feelings often combined with jealousy. These are often denied and kept hidden away from people.


It is very different when the Moon is found in earth signs. In this case, then you don’t have problems with inner emotions. You are joyful, stable, reliable and accept others as they are, without overcomplicating anything.

Nevertheless, with Virgo placement, you are critical and cold with sharp analysis. You are quick learners, very adaptable and practical putting the logic first and feelings second.

With the Moon in Capricorn, you may experience the fear of rejection and serious emotional problems. You put your duty and obligation above internal needs. Children with this placement often mature sooner than their peers.


When Moon is found in fire signs, the native will be spontaneous and energetic, dominant and impulsive.

When in Aries you can be easily irritable and nervous.

However, with Leo placement, you will be more stable, but also often spontaneous.

With Moon in Sagittarius however, you will have a great sense of humour with an optimistic attitude towards life.


Finally, with  Moon in an air sign, your emotions are controlled, as you may not always be able to engage deeply in emotional relationships.

With Moon in Gemini, you have a mind that can absorb and process thoughts and information very quickly. That is frequently communicated verbally through articulate speech and a funny joke. You favour the head over your heart and treat emotions as a whimsical side act to your probing intellect. You are quite conscious and can analyse a wide variety of situations rapidly. Your mind may be so fine-tuned that those around you are unaware of how quickly it indeed is coming to conclusions and making deductions.

Friendly, outgoing, and generally happy you easily attract friends and lovers. As a natural communicator, you love to be around people, and the feeling is mutual. Writing is also one of your many talents. Mental relationships with other people are more important than those of an emotional nature.

Because the mind comes over emotion, your experiences tend to be novel and varied- lacking depth and emotional attachment. Your moods are so changeable it can cause a nervous aura around you. Your energy can scatter and spread thin. Your restless nature pushes you forward in search of a new challenge or experience. You don’t seek out experiences out of a need for success or material wealth.

Your ability for learning often makes you a student for life. Observation, reasoning and instinct trump all other things. Your incredible sense of humour allows you to attract people in and keep them around. You perceive the security of a family life and home eas more of a hindrance than a benefit. There are many areas that you would like to explore in your life, and anything that ties you down and seems to prevent you from this explorative freedom is not going to be kept around for long.

When the Moon in Libra, the native will be very adaptable, will rarely explode and will instead stay in check.

However, with Aquarius placement, you will be at odds with your feelings. That, in turn, may give an impression to others that you don’t need anyone.

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