Pisces 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Pisces January 2020 Horoscope

On January 4 Mars moves into fire sign Sagittarius, making you ambitious and driven in your professional life. Moreover, you may have a sudden urge for autonomy and independence in your profession.

A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10 can bring intense feelings about the romantic side of your life. Furthermore, the energy of this full moon may also produce strong emotions and questions, of whether you are having enough fun and enjoyment in your life. You may now realise that it is perhaps time to make some necessary adjustments in this area of your life.

A couple of days later on January 12, there is a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in earth sign Capricorn. This significant astrological event will affect us all, both globally and personally. You may have been going through substantial challenges in your social circle and now you want to look at your friendships and life goals and see what is working and what isn’t. It is an excellent opportunity to restructure your life positively.

With Venus, the planet of love and money, entering your area of ‘self’, on the 13th/14th (depending on where in the world you live) , you want to be kind and loving towards others. It is an excellent time to go on holiday, spend time with friends, have a haircut and make yourself look pretty since Venus is a planet of beauty.

On the 16th/17th of the month, Mercury moves into your area of the subconscious mind, allowing you to withdraw a little, spend time on your own. It is also a wonderful time for reading, meditating or writing a journal, learning about yourself and discovering your hidden talents.

On the 20th/21st the Sun changes sign to Aquarius and joins Mercury in your area of the subconscious mind. During this time you may prefer to spend time on your own, working behind the scenes. Finally, on January 24 there is a New Moon in Aquarius, making it an excellent time for starting new projects. Since this new moon is in your area of spirituality, during this time, you could become interested in astrology, numerology, crystals, and so on. Your dreams may be especially vivid during this time too.