December Full Moon (2019)

On the 12th of December, there is the last full moon of the year – a Full Moon in Gemini. Gemini is a mutual sign that enjoys change and diversity.

The energy of this full moon is changeable and inconsistent, encouraging you to slow down and be yourself in interactions with others. Take your time to listen and learn without rushing impatiently. It is a great time to let go off negative energy and set yourself new and exciting life goals.

At the time of this full moon, the Sun is in Sagittarius, making you feel optimistic, adventurous and independent. You want to expand your horizons and forget about the daily chores.

Also, at the time of the Full Moon in Gemini:

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in responsible and practical Capricorn conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, making you feel detached and shy in relationships. However, ones you overcome these feelings, you can build long-lasting unions based on a solid foundation.

For that reason, with a bit of hard work, it is an excellent time for building and developing strong relationships and business partnerships. Venus in Capricorn energy also makes you responsible for your finances and possessions.

The Venus/Pluto conjunction, on the other hand, may cause a little bit of intensity and drama in your relationships. However, on a positive side, you are devoted and true-hearted in your commitments, both personal and business.

Jupiter trine Uranus gives you a great ability to reach your goals. The energy of this aspect may trigger your feelings about making changes in some aspects of your life.

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