December New Moon Solar Eclipse

On the 26th of December, there is a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees of the cardinal sign Capricorn. This is the final eclipse of the year. The signs most affected by this eclipse will be Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. The energy of the moment is very earthy, with so many planets in the sign of Capricorn, making us more practical and efficient. However, the weakness here lies in resistance to making changes in our lives. 

A solar eclipse indicates a new beginning. Its energy can be felt six months before or after the actual event. However, its effects can be felt up to a year after. This is a time of new sensations, new opportunities in love friendships or the work department. Take advantage of these new possibilities that arise, because they might not last long, and if you do not use them wisely, they will disappear.

The Moon in Capricorn urges us to work hard and structure our life in a way that gives us more stability and emotional security. During this time, you may become emotionally distant and cold in your relationships.

The Sun in the zodiac sign of Capricorn makes you more serious and responsible with a keen awareness of accuracy and precision. You want to work steadily and honestly towards accomplishing and fulfilling your ambitions in life. 

 Also at the time of the Solar Eclipse both the Sun and the Moon:

-conjunct Jupiter, the planet of wealth and abundance, making you generous, adventurous with a rather optimistic view on life.

-trine Uranus, giving you a new and unique idea. You may become interested in unusual activities in which you shine, or some original ideas may come up into your mind.

-opposite the North Node, urging you to let go of past hurts and envies before you can truly move towards your destiny. So forgive and forget. As you do this, you will see clear signposts as to how to move closer to your goals. New opportunities and exciting people may appear in your life. All you need is positive thoughts and attitude in order to welcome them into your life.

-square Chiron. This may bring memories of childhood hurt, possibly connected with one of your parents. As a result of that, you may feel like your confidence has dropped, and you feel lonely at times. If this is the case, look at this wound as a source of a great understanding, which you can use to help yourself and others. 

If you know your rising sign, find out what this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn means for you on a personal level:

    • New Moon in Your 1st House: strong feelings about how you appear to the world
    • 2nd House: strong feelings about your assets and talents
    • 3rd House: strong feelings about your communication skills & the time you spend with your siblings
    • 4th House: strong feelings about where you come from, where your home is in the worlds and what family means to you
    • 5th House: strong feelings about children, creativity and romance
    • 6th House: strong feelings about your daily routine and health
    • 7th House: strong feelings about your love, marriage and business partnership
    • 8th House: strong feelings about other people’s money and intimacy.
    • 9th House: strong feelings about your personal development and travel.
    • 10th House: strong feelings about your career and reputation.
    • 11th House: strong feelings about your friends, hopes and dreams.
    • 12th House: strong feelings about your secret self.

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