February 2020 Mercury Retrograde

On February 16 to March 9, Mercury goes retrograde for the first time this year, in Pisces. A planet is called retrograde when it seems to be moving backwards from Earth. However it isn’t actually moving backwards, it just appears to be. 

mercury retrograde

Mercury begins its retrograde journey in emotional water sign Pisces and then from March 3 it goes back into the eccentric air sign Aquarius, bringing the usual retrograde chaos of miscommunication, travel delays, and technology problems.  

This year Mercury retrograde happens three times:

  • February 16 to March 3 in water sign Pisces, March 4 to March 9 in air sign Aquarius
  • June 18 to July 12 in water sign Cancer
  • October 13 to November 3 in water sign Scorpio 

In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology—so all of these areas can be affected in some way or another for about three weeks.

Mercury retrograde in Pisces urges us to focus on our creativity, imagination, emotional connections, and how we express our feelings to others. Pisces is an extremely emotional and compassionate sign, and Mercury here wants to inspire creativity and love. Howeverbecause of this sign’s delicate nature, we are also likely to feel overwhelmed by the least significant matters. Some of the biggest issues to face while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces are anxiety, struggles to express the emotions and unclear boundaries with others.

Since Mercury Retrograde can cause disruptions with technology, take special care with your digital data. Back up all your important data, files and photos. Mercury also rules documents, proposals, tests and contracts, so read everything carefully, before you sign anything that is important. Where possible, try to sign any important contracts before Mercury goes retrograde, or if you can wait until it goes direct on March 9. 

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It is not the best time for starting anything new. It is, however, a good time to continue a project that began before Mercury went retrograde.

For those who were born during a Mercury retrograde, you may become more energetic, more alert or more productive during this time. However, you will still be affected by Mercury’s influence. Nevertheless, there could be some unexpected opportunities turning up for you, so stay alert and keep your eyes open!

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