February Full Moon

February Full Moon & New Moon

On the 9th of February, we’ve got the second Full Moon of the year taking place at 20 degrees of Leo. Leo rules the heart and is the sign of romance, joy, creativity, playfulness and royalty.

By Justyna

The energy of this Leo moon is about finding the light and the energy within us. Also, the inner child, as deeply inside we all have it. Apart from that, it is a wonderful time to discover in what area of life you need to bring more happiness, joy and fun. 

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This Full Moon falls on the Leo-Aquarius axes, where on one side we’ve got the theatrical and passionate Leo, and on the other one the social and aloof Aquarius. These energies are making us focus on finding a balance between the collaboration over individuality, emphasizing when we should share and when we should spoil ourselves.

Full Moon is also a time of completion, so if you started any new projects during the last New Moon, then now is a time when some aspects of those new beginnings may come into fruition. 

At the time of the Full Moon, Venus in Aries wants us to be direct and up-front in our relationships and partnerships, while Mars in Sagittarius encourages us to go on an adventure.

Full Moon in Leo for each Rising Sign (Ascendant):

Aries: strong feelings about children, creativity and romance.

Taurus: strong feelings about where you come from, where your home is in the worlds, and what family means to you.

Gemini: strong feelings about your communication skills & the time you spend with your siblings.

Cancer: strong feelings about your assets and talents.

 Leo: strong feelings about how you appear to the world.

Virgo strong feelings about your secret ‘self’.

Libra: strong feelings about your friends, hopes and dreams.

Scorpiostrong feelings about your career and reputation.

Sagittarius: strong feelings about your personal development and travel.

Capricorn: strong feelings about other people’s money and you.

Aquariusstrong feelings about your love, marriage and business partnership.

Pisces: strong feelings about your daily routine and health.

Happy Full Moon in Leo! May this be for you a time of joy and playfulness.

New Moon in Pisces

February 23 brings the annual Pisces new moon which marks the beginning of a poetic, romantic and inspired cycle. The energy of Pisces can hold a lot of baggage, and not only the material kind. Since Pisces governs the subconsciousness, this new moon directs your attention inward. Your thoughts have a big part in forming your reality, which, in turn, influences your viewpoint on life.

Image Credit: Pexels

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