Gemini 2019

You can bravely take on new challenges this year. Your self-confidence and energy will become a simple path to more than one success. The beginning of the year might not be too successful for you, but don’t worry too much, because soon after everything will be much better and there will be more clarity in your life. Many negative aspects will go away, and some of them might even turn into a favourable outcome.


You might start a new business or receive a significant amount of money, thanks to which you will start some beneficial expenditures. If so, then you will find reliable business partners, through interesting connections which will arise throughout the day.


Since a great amount of your energy this year will go into your career, you must watch out not to neglect your partner, because if you do then your relationship will suffer and lead to disagreements and frustrations. Therefore make sure you manage your time well and find the balance between work and love life. If you are single then you should look carefully around, because the person that you are looking for could be someone that you already know. When you find him or her, then take initiative and invite her or him on a date to get to know each other better.


Financially, 2019 is looking very promising for you Geminis. If there are any projects that you have been thinking of for a while, now will be a good time to work on them. There is a chance that you will meet some valuable people who will help you in developing these projects. You will certainly benefit from interpersonal relations in your career. Do not be too proud to try to do everything on your own, as with the support of others your projects are likely to be more successful.