July 2020 Monthly Forecast

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June ended with Mars moving to the fiery sign Aries, where it will remain until January 6 2021.

By Justyna

Mars is very comfortable in Aries, as it is its traditional ruler. However, it is uncommon for Mars to stay in a sign for this long. Usually, it transits a sign for about six weeks, but this time it will go retrograde between September 9 and November 13 and as a result of that its journey throughout Aries will be extended.

During the initial weeks of this transit until the end of July, our physical energy is going to be strengthened, and we will gain more courage and motivation to take action in the area of life, activated by this transit. If you know your time of birth, have a look at your chart and see where this heightened energy activation will be for you, to gain a better understanding.

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On a global level, people are likely to seek more independence and freedom. Mars will give everyone a push and a great boost of energy.

Nevertheless, from July 28, Mars will begin its pre-retrograde period, and from then until November 2020, life on earth could become somewhat disruptive, but I will write more about this in the July newsletters.

On July 2, Saturn, after spending just over three months in air sign Aquarius, moves back into Capricorn, where it will remain until December 2020. Saturn is strong and powerful in its home sign Capricorn as it is its natural ruler. With this, transit, yet again, we are challenged to work towards our goals; however, with a strong effort, we will be able to reach some significant achievements. As Saturn goes back to Capricorn, our outlook on life becomes more traditional and conservative, where we prefer to stick to the rules and structures of society. Change and radical thinking might be a big problem during the time that Saturn transits Capricorn. People who don’t follow the rules are likely to be judged. 

The people in authority, on the other hand, may regain their power during this time and bring more boundaries and structures within the society, as these have been somewhat out of balance in the last weeks or even months.

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A couple of days later, on July 4 (or 5th depending on where in the world you live) there is a Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees of Capricorn, where the Moon will be opposite the Sun in Cancer and the South Node in Sagittarius. These two energies combined will be very significant throughout the period around the eclipse.  

This lunar eclipse is about endings, and it can create disturbance and bring hidden emotions to the surface. In this particular case, to fully realise the influence of this eclipse in your life, go back to July 13, 2018, and see where you were at the time and what life-changing events started at that point. During this lunar eclipse, matters that began around July 2018, will come to an end. It is the end of the cycle that started for you two years ago.

Mercury goes direct on July 12th/13th, making any delays, frustrations or confusions surrounding Mercury-ruled matters finding a resolution.

However, it won’t be until Mercury reaches the degree where it initially turned retrograde and then passes it that you’ll know Mercury truly has its full strength back. That tends to take a couple of weeks. 

When Mercury finally turns direct, communication of all sorts, both verbal and written, signing of any important contracts and arranging any trips and meetings will become more comfortable and smoother.

On July 20th/21st we have a double new moon in Cancer. We have already had one New Moon (annular solar eclipse) back in June, and for that reason, this one is called a double new Moon. 

A double New Moon is an event that doesn’t happen very often. For that reason, it is a wonderful time to examine the goals that we set for ourselves in the previous cycle, understand where we stand in accordance to our plans and see how we can move forward.  

The double New Moon in Cancer is mainly connected to the annular solar eclipse that occurred on June 21, also in the sign of Cancer. This solar eclipse marks an especially intense moment, that can turn out to be complicated for many people. 

Finally, Sun enters theatrical fire sign, Leo, on July 22, encouraging us to find the inner child inside ourselves and celebrate love, kindness, romance, self-worth, joy, enthusiasm, courage, and passion.

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