June Monthly Forecast

The month begins with the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 15°42‘, on June 5th.

By Justyna

This Lunar Eclipse stimulates us to step out of the external limitations imposed by other people and institutions and see the reality and the world around us from a different perspective. It is a great time to move beyond our comfort zones and any limitations that stand in our way and courageously move forward into the future. 

During Lunar eclipses, it is an excellent time to let go of whatever no longer serves in our lives. It is a time to release and let go off negative habits, people or material things that essentially affect our well-being.

At the time of this lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, the Moon squares Mars and is opposite Venus, creating anger in relationships, especially the personal ones. Frustration, resentment and tensions could result in impulsive actions. 

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On June 17th Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer. A planet is called retrograde when it seems to be moving backwards from the position on Earth. However it isn’t actually moving backwards, it just appears to be. In astrology, Mercury rules communication, travel, and technology—so all of these areas can be affected in some way, during the time that Mercury stays in the retrograde motion. 

As Mercury goes into retrograde motion in the sensitive water sign Cancer, communications of all sorts can become rather emotional, with desire for social contact, making our minds sensitive and more intuitive. 

There is a three week period before and after the retrograde, which is known as the shadow time. For that reason, we can experience the energies of the retrograde for up to nine weeks in each cycle. 

The area in your birth chart where the retrograde activity takes place will be where you will feel its effects most strongly.

Remember to double-check all your plans and allow yourself extra time if you are travelling to an important appointment or meeting.

When Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, it is time to slow down and allow ourselves to reassess our family situation, (Cancer). We may also need to re-evaluate anything connected with our home, our roots and our security.

On a personal level, it will be an excellent time to rethink old habits and negative behaviour patterns. Some people may have a desire for withdrawing and not facing unpleasant experiences during this time.

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The Annual Solar Eclipse in Cancer 0°21′ takes place on June 21st, bringing new beginnings and unexpected opportunities into our lives. It is a time when we may realise that we need more from the lives that we currently have. 

The energy of this eclipse can make us feel more insecure than usual with everything else going on. The New Moon in Cancer is intensifying this issue because our souls need to feel connected, secure and happy within our family environment and other significant relations.

With all that is going on a global scale, it may be difficult for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, this solar eclipse encourages us to find new or forgotten talents within us and use them to benefit ourselves and others.

It is also a good time to reassess where we stand in our intimate relationships and within our circle of friends.

Neptune goes retrograde in emotional water sign Pisces on June 22nd at 20°57′ Pisces and will station direct on November 28th at 18°09′ Pisces. Neptune retrograde can help release us from illusions of the past while engaging with the rising motivation that brings life to our imagination.

During Neptune retrograde, we can connect spiritual visions with material manifestation and build structures to support and express the inspiration coming from Neptune. If we’ve been dealing with challenging and disillusioning events, the aspects between Neptune retrograde with Jupiter and Pluto will support renewing visions for new growth and healing whatever has been damaged.

Neptune retrograde will be most potent for Pisces, making them more connected to their soul and more open to the spiritual realms.

Virgos may find this retrograde most challenging, as Neptune is likely to obscure and distort their analytical and organisational abilities. 

Cancers and Scorpios, on the other hand, can feel more creative and imaginative, as a result of this retrogradation.

Finally, on June 27th Mars will change signs from emotional water sign Pisces to its own ruler, passionate and fiery Aries, activating a more disciplined, and potentially frustrating and angry nature of this fire sign. 

Mars will transit Aries for the unusual amount of time this year, until January 2021, as it usually stays in a sign just over a month. 

Mars’ transit through Aries is a time of high confidence, increased drive, and great beginnings, making it a fantastic time of initiation and activity. If you have been holding yourself back from starting something new, Mars in Aries will help you to get this project finally going.

This transit is not about planning, but about moving forward, regardless of what may stand in our way. 

On a global scale, this energy can create anger among people, strikes, protest, especially if the second wave of the virus was to emerge in the fall—however, more about this in the next monthly forecast!

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