Love indicators in the Birth Chart

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Why him?

Have you ever wondered why you become attracted to a specific type of man?

By Justyna

There are probably many people that appear in your life, often handsome and some of them might be even husband potentials and yet you do not get fascinated by their charm. You do not feel chemistry towards them, because in reality, you want someone else. However, you are usually not aware of that.

Our natal chart tells us not only about the type of our dream man but also shows how our female-male relations will look. In other words, your birth horoscope indicates how love will look in your life.

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Venus and Mars

In woman’s birth chart, both Mars and the Sun are responsible for the image of a man. The signs in which these planets are found and the aspects that they make to other planets, tell us about what type of partner we are seeking. The Sun symbolises the fundamental nature of a man, while Mars represents the physical qualities. If the aspects are harmonious (sextiles or trines), between these planets the relationship often results to be successful.

The natal Moon here is also important because it tells us a lot about our inner life, our fertility and sexual initiation. If a woman has in her birth chart very disharmonious aspects() of the moon to another planet or an angle, she will probably have difficulty accepting herself. This, in turn, could translate into her relationship with the partner. Venus here also symbolises what kind of woman she will be.

In turn, in the man’s natal chart the natal Moon and natal Venus describe the ideal type of partner. Venus placement by sign, house position and aspects indicates what type of woman he seeks and is likely to attract. It also shows what a man find immediately attractive in a woman. The moon, however, indicates whether this relationship will be emotionally fulfilling and how it will be experienced on a deeper level.

Generally, you should also try to find out about the dominating element in the partner’s chart. This will give you a better understanding of who you are dealing with; whether this is someone passionate and lively or cold and withdrawn.

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