Monthly Forecast for May 2020

The month begins with a full moon in water sign Scorpio on May 7th, making us dig deep and analyse our beliefs around money, security and the purpose of life.

By Justyna & Hui Ng

The Scorpio Full Moon emphasises the truth and emotional honesty. Scorpio rules what is hidden and wants to get to the core of an issue. 

On May 10th Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius, allowing us to do an achievement review of matters concerning responsibility and life’s hardest duties. During the weeks leading to Saturn retrograde, especially the two weeks prior, the pressure builds up, urging us to complete whatever projects or tasks we are involved.

Mercury leaves stable Taurus and enters versatile Gemini on May 11th where communication flow is easier, making it a good time for negotiations. Mercury, in its rulership Gemini makes our mind quicker and more curious than usual. The downside of this energy is that the mind always works at full speed, even when the person is trying to relax. As a result of that, some may feel restless at times, because there is a lot of information they want to take in and sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day to accomplish all of that learning. 

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Venus goes retrograde in Gemini on May 13th for the first time this year. It is not a good time to start love or business relationships or to make significant commitments. Relationships on all levels will take on an added serious tone. Given the dual nature of Gemini, we can expect several events, especially in the political and financial spheres, to be one thing and then, surprisingly, be revealed to be something completely different. Romance is going to take a hit as well!

Mars, the planet of action, enters Pisces on May 13th, turning our focus on abandoning our need to be in control of the outcome of our efforts. During this time, we may also feel less motivated to go after our goals and more motivated to seek spiritual or emotional energies during this cycle. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion goes retrograde in Capricorn on May 14th, encouraging us to do some soul-searching about our talents and our desire for success. 

Retrograde phases are periods when the planets move slower and backwards as observed from Earth’s perspective. In reality, the planets are not moving backwards of course; they just appear to be doing so because of an optical disillusion. Although Retrograde periods always mean periods of trials and tests, there are also opportunities for growth and learning, particularly those issues related to inner growth and self-healing.

Retrograde periods force us to turn inwards instead of outwards in our search for answers so that we can gain more perspective on life and its issues that way.

With a Jupiter Retrograde it is a time for us to re-evaluate and re-assess things around us; a time for us to question the beliefs, values that society and the government have imposed upon us. 

When Jupiter turns retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, on a personal level, opportunities in the job area such as promotions and career advancement might be put on hold, or delayed and restricted for the time being. Some people may refocus or realign their social status and career objectives in the months to come until Jupiter turns direct. We are also likely to re-evaluate the priorities in our lives, such as materialism, job status, social standing to define our sense of self-worth and esteem.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

On a broader social level, it is also a time when our trust in the government, social and political organisations and institutions is being tested to the extreme. This period can also highlight the issue of crises around our faith, as we begin to turn inwards for answers. We want to re-evaluate and re-assess the sources and objects that give us vitality and security in life. Many people may choose to focus on their spiritual development, as this is an excellent time to deal with issues related to self-healing and soul searching. 

Sun enters Gemini on May 20th and communication takes the spotlight as we focus on all types of negotiations, short trips, and anything that will spur our minds for the next few weeks. Gemini needs flexibility, the opportunity to do different tasks, being able to connect with a variety of different people and communicate.

New Moon in Gemini on May 22nd is an excellent time to start something new. It is also a great time to write a blog, teach, take a short trip and keep up with the latest news.

The energy shifts from the mind to our feelings take place on May 28th when Mercury enters nurturing Cancer. We become incredibly intuitive and perceptive. It may be hard to make rational decisions during this time, as the energy of Cancer can make us rely more on our gut feelings than logic. During this time, our intuition is deep, and we should rely more on gut feelings than logic or material proof. Making rational decisions can be hard during this time. 

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