The Mysterious Moon through Zodiac Signs

The Mysterious Moon through Zodiac Signs

The Moon – our mother, our feelings, our emotions and its journey through Sun Signs.

It is the largest celestial body visible in the night sky, shining with the reflected light of the Sun. What is more, it is a natural satellite of the Earth and needs about 28 days to go around it. This makes it the fastest blue body moving in the sky.

The Moon as we see it from Earth changes every day. This rhythmic cycle is called lunar phases. They are related to the rhythms of nature the tides and outflows of the oceans. This is how the weather is monitored and various natural phenomena. For this reason, the Moon symbolises what is variable and quick, something that fluctuates, appears and disappears. Just like emotions that are the expression of our internal reactions.

In Astrology the Moon represents our Mother, our needs, our past, our feelings and our mood.


Moon feels best in water signs, especially in romantic, caring but also capricious and moody Cancer which has a tendency to hesitate.

Similar characteristics take place with Moon in Pisces, however, also, this type of people are also very dreamy and are willing to sacrifice others needs above theirs. On the negative side, people with this Moon placement might be prone to addictions and are also extremely sensitive and melancholic.

Intense emotions, and at the same time secretiveness, the need for power and control over others, are revealed by Moon in Scorpio (water sign). With this placement, one may experience intensive feelings often combined with jealousy These are often denied and kept hidden away from people.


It is very different when the Moon is found in earth signs. In this case, the native doesn’t have problems with internal emotions. This type of people are joyful, stable, strong and they accept others as they are, without overcomplicating anything.

Nevertheless, with Virgo placement, will make the native critical and cold with sharp analysis. People with this kind of placement are quick learners, very adaptable and practical putting the logic first and feelings second.

With the Moon in Capricorn, the native may experience the fear of rejection and serious emotional problems. This sort of people put their duty and obligation above internal needs. Furthermore, children with this placement often mature sooner than their peers.


When Moon is found in fire signs, the native will be of a spontaneous nature and strong, dominant and impulsive.

When in Aries it can make the person easily irritable and nervous.

However, with Leo placement, the native will be more stable, but also often spontaneous.

With Moon in Sagittarius however, the native will have a great sense of humour with an optimistic attitude towards life.


Finally, with  Moon in air signs, the emotions of the native are controlled, as this sort of people may not always be able to engage deeply in emotional relationships.

With Gemini placement, the native will have a great sense of humour, but on the negative side, it may experience a continuous emotional battle.

When in Libra, the native will be very adaptable, will rarely explode and will rather stay in check.

However, with Aquarius placement, the native will be at odds with his feelings. This, in turn, may give an impression to others that he doesn’t need anyone.

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