Natal Mercury in the Signs

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Mercury, like Venus, is one of the personal planets. It is located within the Earth’s orbit, continually remaining a short distance from the Sun. In the astrology chart, it is usually in the same sign where the Sun is situated or in one of the neighbouring ones.

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In the body, Mercury controls the nervous system, breathing, hands coordination, memory and the conscious mind. It rules the mind and is associated with communication, thinking and intelligence. Responsible for intelligence, it is also related to interpersonal relationships, our siblings, neighbours, short trips as well as work, papers, documents, counting and information.

When Mercury is strong and well-positioned in the birth chart, it gives literary talent, oratory power, curiosity and the ability to acquire knowledge with ease. But at the same time, it can reveal a negative influence, like prying, manipulation, theft or fraud. Mercury’s aspects point to our intellectual abilities, talents and ways of expressing them.

People born with natal Mercury in Aries are lively, but on other occasions can also be aggressive, sharp and expressive. They often speak in a raised voice, sometimes even shouting. However, when Mercury is located in stable and stubborn Taurus, it makes the native more optimistic and trustful, though also very strong. This is often a good placement for doing business as such ones such people make they never change their mind.

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Responsible for communication and intellectual energy, Mercury gives exceptional mental efficiency when placed in Gemini (good sense of humour, cheerful nature). As Mercury is the natural ruler of this mutual sign, people with this placement are often very bright, communicative and talkative. They can think soberly, however on occasions also tend to draw fast conclusions.

Mercury in Cancer gives a good intuition, so when making decisions, such people are usually led by instinct and emotions, and not common sense. People with Mercury, in the sign of the fiery Leo, are charismatic and easily convince others of their ideas. This placement also gives good leadership skills.

With Mercury in Virgo (its ruling planet), one needs order in their life to function at their best. Disorder and chaos not only distract them but also seem to affect their steadiness and well being.

Those born with Mercury in Libra are famous for their diplomatic skills as they always take into account two sides of a coin. Hence making decisions, especially when they have to choose from two options, comes extremely hard.

A slightly different mind represents the position of Mercury in Scorpio, which is famous for its intensity. People with this placement are discreet and often very secretive. In turn, Mercury in the fiery Sagittarius usually gives a lot of confidence, varied interests and a gift of persuasion. However, it can sometimes indicate an arrogant belief in the rightness of one’s reasons.

Sober thinking is highly prominent with Mercury in Capricorn, which emphasises a disciplined mind and good common sense. These people never lose a thread and rather have no illusions, which sometimes turns into negative thinking.

A completely different type of mentality is represented by Mercury in Aquarius, proclaiming originality, cleverness, good sense of observation, as well as talent for inventions. It also happens that Mercury, in this sign, points to a person who is busy with their thoughts and abstract theories, which often leads to losing contact with reality. The same applies to Mercury in Pisces, which also gives great empathy as well as the ability to learn involuntarily.

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