Numerology Prediction for 2021

By Samuel

A new year brings joy, happiness, and hope to all our lives. Here we have brought you, your numerology prediction for 2021. You will get a brief description of your overall life and its various elements. We will be discussing all the life path numbers starting from 1 to 9 along with the master numbers 11, 22, and 33. You would find a more generalized description here. But If you want to find out more about your life path, you can do so with the life path number calculator.

Numerology deals with numbers and it is a belief in the mystical relationship that exists with numbers and their coinciding events. Numerology in itself is quite different from astrology. It only deals with your birth numbers and helps you in finding a lot about yourself. It offers a sneak peek at who you are as a person and what are your hidden qualities. Through numerology predictions for 2021, you can know well ahead of time what this year has to offer you.

Life Path Number 1 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

People who have life path number 1 will have a great year ahead. The year 2021 is the year for sun and mercury and you rule both of them pretty well. In terms of career and finance, if you are looking for a new job or waiting for your long-awaited promotion, then this year is for you. New Projects, hikes, and promotions are just around the corner. You would be enjoying more time with your loved ones. This year is strong for your cupid as well. But after the month of September, be very sure before you make decisions related to your love life. In terms of health, some minor ups and downs can be seen.

Life Path Number 2 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

For individuals who have life path number 2, this is going to be a phenomenal and exciting year for you. Mercury and Moon go hand in hand so you will not experience many ups and downs in your life. Your year would start with financial gains and would continue year-round. Your relationship can go on a coaster ride but stay calm and make good choices. Single ones are likely to get their soul partners. Overall you will find peace and harmony in your love life. The first half of the year can take a toll on your health, so eat healthily and do exercises regularly.

Life Path Number 3 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

2021 would bring a pool of opportunities for life path number 3. The relationship between Jupiter and Mercury is sometimes compared to those of students and teachers. The beginning of the year is extremely good for your career and profession and you would receive recognition from others. Take small steps and use your wisdom to make good choices. In your relationships, you need to work a bit hard to maintain peace and harmony in the first half of the year. You will be able to enjoy good health throughout the year.

Life Path Number 4 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

Planet 4 belongs to Rahu and thus this year would take a toll on your life. There would be situations of questionable consistency and stability in your life. Your life may feel like a roller coaster with too many ups and downs. Avoid making any long-term financial plans and investing in any big project. In the field of science, technology, and computers you would face relatively fewer challenges, so make wise decisions to avoid financial loss. Compromise and adjustments would define your relationship in 2021. The health aspect would definitely cheer you up. In the upcoming year, you would enjoy excellent health conditions. 

Life Path Number 5 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

This year is lucky for you as your number coincides with the year numerology number that is 5. Mercury is your ruling planet and 2021 is governed entirely by mercury. Wealth and your career opportunities would increase in leaps and bounds. In terms of your love life and relationships, this year brings you happiness and fortune. This year would bring a lot of anxiety and can take a toll on your mental health, so do yogas and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Life Path Number 6 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

For individuals with life path number 6, this year would bring you unexpected opportunities. Venus is your ruling planet and Mercury shares a good bond with Venus, thus the next two years would be very good for you. If you share an interest in the field of art, innovation, and creativity, this year would bring a lot of good news. Impulsive decisions should be avoided. You can meet your soulmate this year, and you must handle relationships delicately. With money health issues often arise, so lead a healthy lifestyle and don’t overindulge yourself. 

Life Path Number 7 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

For life path number 7, Ketu is your ruling planet and it is a very spiritual number. Overall money would be flowing to you round the year. Maintain distance from politics and troubled debates. This year is good for making huge investments. People with the number 7 are likely to get married and happily settled. You may achieve inner peace by spending quality time with your loved ones. Health would be on the better side throughout the year. 

Life Path Number 8 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

Number 8 belongs to Saturn and this is considered to be a neutral year for all those with the number 8. In terms of career and finance, this year seems to be pretty well. Focus only on your work and work hard to achieve good results. Chances are high that you would buy a property. This year will bring you a lot of passion and romance. You will have a high chance to meet your soulmate and enjoy bliss and contentment. There are no major issues for your health, but keep your mind busy with good stuff for better mental health.

Life Path Number 9 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

Number 9 can make the most of this year with their hard work and passion. Impulsive decisions may lead to destruction so take your time in making good decisions. Don’t try to manipulate your partner; it can backfire at any moment. Only then will you enjoy inner peace and harmony. By maintaining the basic disciplines, like eating a healthy and active lifestyle you can enjoy good health throughout this year.

Master Numbers (Numerology prediction for 2021)

You must all know that life path numbers are calculated by the simple addition of the birth date, month and year, till it reaches a single digit. But there are some exceptions to it, and this exception is when the master number comes into play. Master numbers are number 11, 22, and 33. So when your addition reaches these numbers you don’t have to further reduce it to a single digit. Let’s find out the numerology prediction of these master numbers.

Number 11 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

For individuals whose master number is 11, this 2021 would bring a lot of changes to your life. Your success rate would depend on the adjustments you make in your workspace. This year your intuition would gain new levels so trust in that in making decisions. You will realize your visions and dreams. So, work hard and enjoy the best of the year ahead.

Number 22 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

Numerology prediction for number 22 envisions that your year ahead would comply with your goals and visions. As you have faith in yourself the rest will follow you. You would have a great impact on others’ life and your perspectives would influence them a lot in making their own life decisions. So have a good thought in mind and work hard.

Number 33 (Numerology prediction for 2021)

Number 33 is quite a rare and spiritual number. You have a great spiritual belonging and your surroundings get elevated because of your personality. You always help the community before yourself, but this year do keep your own needs in mind also. You have a strong mind so make your decisions and stand by them for overall success.

What’s Ahead of You?

So overall this year is like a recovery year for all of us. Numbers have deeper meanings and have a lot of connections to how we perform in our daily lives. Now that all of you know your numerology prediction for 2021 and how your year would go, take a deep breath and plan ahead of what to do and what not to. Hope all of you have a safe and sound year ahead. Stay Healthy and Keep on reading our detailed, accurate, and interesting forecasts on Life Path Numbers.

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