Numerology is a universal language of numbers used to better understand people and the world. Thanks to this interesting study you can uncover the secrets of your life purpose, learn about your personality traits, gain a better understanding of how others perceive you and much more. Below you can find some useful information about the basics of Numerology.

birthday number

Birthday number

Birth Day Number helps us in understanding our talents and abilities. Birth Day Number is the day when you were born. If it is a double-digit number, you have to reduce it one single digit (example: Mary was born on the 12th of X month=1+3 = 4; Mary’s Birth day Number is 4). Recent Articles …

Destiny number

Destiny number is calculated from the name you were given at birth. Use the name that appears on your birth certificate, even if you have never used it since. Your first name will give you some hints about your life purpose. If you have a middle name, it will tell you about your concealed abilities… Read More »Destiny number
heart's desire

Heart’s desire number

Heart’s Desire Number explains what is it that you need to become fulfilled in your life. It tells you about your desires and the things that you need to feel empowered and complete. Use the calculator below to discover the meaning of your unique Heart’s Desire Number. Image credit: Pexels Latest Articles …

Life Path Number

Life Path Number is the core of your personality and life purpose. It also helps in understanding what obstacles and challenges you may come across throughout your life. To find out more information about your Life Path Number please use the tool below.   Recent Articles …
personality number

Personality number

How do people see you? Your Personality number, calculated from the full birth name, is simply a reflection of how you project yourself to others. These are the characteristics of how people that we meet are likely to perceive us before getting to know us better. To calculate your Personality number and see what it… Read More »Personality number

Your Core Numbers in Numerology

A look at Your Core Numbers in Numerology By discovering the important numbers in your life, you will be able to make better decisions and choices regarding different aspects of your existence. In Numerology, all numbers have a different significant meaning.  Our Numerology chart is full of them. However, there are 5 special numbers, called ‘core numbers’, which present… Read More »Your Core Numbers in Numerology
personal year number

Your Personal Year Number

Your Personal Year Number and what this means for you In Numerology life consists of nine-year cycles. If you want to check what life cycle you are currently in, you should calculate your Personal Year Number. This will allow you to predict what awaits you in the current year and subsequent years of the cycle.… Read More »Your Personal Year Number