Your Personal Year Number

personal year number

Your Personal Year Number and what this means for you

In Numerology life consists of nine-year cycles. If you want to check what life cycle you are currently in, you should calculate your Personal Year Number. This will allow you to predict what awaits you in the current year and subsequent years of the cycle.

How to calculate your Personal Year Number for 2019?

Example: Mary was born on 22.09.1981

Add day+month digits: 2+2+0+9=13=1+3=4

then add all the digits from 2019: 2+1+9=12=1+2=3

Finally: add 4+3=7

Mary’s Personal Year Number for 2019 is 7

You can also try to use our free calculator, which is at the bottom of this page.

Now, ones you figure out your Personal Year Number for 2019, check out below what this means for you.

Personal Year 1

Personal Year nr 1 opens up new paths and opportunities. During this period you will be filled with enthusiasm, optimism and willingness to act. This is a great time to start new projects, a new job, change a house or start your own business. There will be opportunities to start something from scratch. Try to be flexible, adaptable and open-minded. 

Personal Year 2

Many things that you started last year will be put on hold. You will now pay more attention to your personal and family life. For those who are in relationships, it will be a year of trial. There may be doubts, dilemmas on the emotional level, and even a double emotional life. If you are single, this year you will have more luck to find someone special. Let things flow at their own pace.

Take advantage of this time to relax, take care of your health, make friends and spend time with family. Save your energy for the next year as it will be a dynamic one.

Personal Year 3

This year is about creating and implementing your plans. If you are single, this year you will find your second half, and those in relationships can expect an emotional storm and enlargement of the family. With this vibration, your interest in the opposite sex will also increase. You will feel more attractive and unique. Furthermore, your social life will flourish. In the professional field, you can expect an increase in your salary, promotion or recognition.

Personal Year 4

This is a year full of challenges. In order to pursue your goals, you must be stubborn, patience and consistent. How much work you put in this year, will be reflected during the next year. You will benefit from doing training courses or self-studying through books and online courses. There may be some unexpected obstacles and limitations that put your patience to test. Have your health under control and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Personal Year 5

You will feel a surge of energy, optimism and the need for independence. This will be a year of travelling and meeting new people. Possible change of work, friends or place of residence. New opportunities will open up for you, but you mustn’t waste them. You may have an opportunity to enter into a new interesting relationship, which may not last long, but will be very exciting.

Personal Year 6

You will spend time on family and home affairs at the expense of your plans and aspirations. You will have a desire to buy a house or renovate the one you already have to improve the comfort of living. If you are single, you will have a chance to stabilise your emotional life this year. Troubled and weak relationships may result in divorce or separation. This year you will also wish to organise the emotional matters of your life, which will be associated with making important decisions about the future. This year teaches us also how essential family ties are for us.

Personal Year 7

This year will be marked by internal reflections. You may often feel like you need to spend time on your own to calm down, because of feeling irritated and discouraged. This can often result in a drop in energy. If possible, try to spend more time outdoors in nature or in a good circle of friends.

You may also change or start a new job. This is a good time for intellectual development or learning of a new skill. Remember to take special care when signing documents.

Personal Year 8

This is a year for harvesting for your efforts from the last seven years. If you worked hard towards a goal and made every effort to achieve it, you will now be rewarded in a surprising way. This is also a good year for financial investments and starting your own business. If fate rewards you this year, do not forget to share your success with others.

However, if on the other hand, during these last few years were lazy, or cheated and used others for bad reasons, then now you may experience unpleasant life situations like financial problems, losses and failures.

Personal Year  9

This year completes the 9-year cycle. You will need to leave the past behind and prepare for the start of a new cycle. During this time, certain matters, troubled relationships and meaningless friendships will come to an end. This is a good time for meeting people from foreign countries and making new friends from abroad. Far away travel destinations and extraordinary achievements are possible this year too. This isn’t a good time to start anything new, as it will not bring the desired results. It is best to use this time to organise outstanding issues and prepare for the next stage to come next year.

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