Pisces 2019

This will be a quite interesting year for you dear Pisces. There will be challenges, which eventually after hard work will bring you a lot of satisfaction. Be strong and believe in your own strength and if things don’t initially work out in your favour, don’t get discouraged. With determination and self-confidence, you will be able to achieve great success this year.


Those of you who are in a steady relationship,  try to introduce something new into your relationship to spice it up. Perhaps the old habits will not work anymore as they used to and you will have to think about something else. This could even mean starting a new relationship. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you find harmony in your relationship.

If on the other hand, you are single, you may find your soulmate among your friends. You don’t have to look for a partner somewhere far away or through online dating.  There might be someone that you already know, but you haven’t yet realised that he or she could be the one. You just have to open your eyes and heart.


The financial situation might be quite complicated this year. You will certainly experience ups and downs in the financial sector, which could be upsetting at times. However don’t worry too much, as this will only be a temporary matter. You will be ‘back on your feet in no time’. Try to spend your money carefully, don’t splash too much on unnecessary items so that you don’t get into too much trouble.


At work, there might be some challenges and obstacles this year. These might be related to some tensions with your co-workers or other situations, like project deadlines and so on. Stay put and try to be as consistent as possible in order to avoid any misunderstandings and disagreements. This will make your work much more difficult.

Set yourself goals and work towards them. Do not enter into conflicts with other people, it isn’t worth it. If you are determined and confident you should be able to succeed, do not give up.

Did you know that when you read about your Sun Sign horoscope, you are actually reading about your basic identity? For this reason, it may seem to you that it isn’t usually that accurate. You can find out much more information if you know your Rising Sign. This can be calculated by using your time (as accurate as possible), date and place of birth. If you are a Taurus Sun and your Rising Sign is Cancer, then the Cancer Horoscope will be more accurate than the one you would usually read for Taurus. If you don’t know how to calculate your Rising Sign use the birth chart tool.