Pisces Season 2020

Pisces Season 2020

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Pisces season begins on February 19th.

By Justyna

Pisces is a feminine water sign, that is ruled by Neptune. As the new astrological season begins, Mercury has just begun its retrograde journey in this creative and imaginative water sign where it will travel until March 3rd urging us to focus on our creativity, imagination and emotional connections. 

Pisces is an extremely emotional and compassionate sign, and Mercury here wants to inspire creativity and love.

Howeverbecause of this sign’s delicate nature, we are also likely to feel overwhelmed by the least significant matters. Some of the biggest issues to face while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces are anxiety, struggles to express the emotions and unclear boundaries with others.

On March 23rd there is a New Moon in Pisces, indicating for many, new beginnings. However, it is also an opportunity to make new plans for the future. Usually, around the following full moon, you should be able to see some aspects of these wishes to come into fruition. 

Sun conjunct Mercury, the planet of mind and communication on the 25th of the month, brings much mental energy. This is a very short-term lasting energy; however, for as long as it lasts, watch out as even though your communication abilities during this time are amazing, the listening may not come as easily. For that reason, it is wonderful energy for giving presentations, but also reading and learning, but not listening.

On March 25th-27th Venus in Aries the planet that rules love and relationships, squares Pluto in Capricorn, making our feelings more intense and passionate. For those currently in love relationships, you may expect much loyalty and honesty. However be careful not to let your relationships get to a point where your partner is excessive, and you are working through your own internal demons through him/her. 

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When Venus in Aries come to a square with Saturn in Capricorn on March 3rd, some may experience blockages, making love relationships rather frustrating. Nevertheless, thankfully the day after, on March 4th loving Venus enters Taurus, its natural ruler. The energy of this planetary placement is very positive.

During the time that Venus travels through Taurus, we may have a desire for a more stable life, enjoying the simple pleasure of living like good food, music, pretty surroundings, scents, and a lot of physical contact. 

Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus on March 8th, brings very magnetic and dynamic energy, making us value friendship in love and sincerity of feelings. Those who make any new friends during this time, these are likely to be impersonal and open-minded friendships. The energy of this aspect can also make us not as adaptable to others’ expectations as usual. Some may desire more freedom in their relationships. However, since Venus is one of the fastest moving planets, this may only be a temporary feeling. 

Image source: Pixabay

On March 8th, the Sun and Neptune conjunction in Pisces can make some people feel confused, and others may find it hard to be consistent and self-disciplined in everyday life. Nevertheless, for others, the energy of this planetary aspect can bring genuine inspiration and a flash of creativity.

A full moon in Virgo on March 9th falls on the Pisces – Virgo axes, urging us to find a balance between remaining grounded and on the other hand, letting ourselves become more imaginative and dreamy. It is also a wonderful time to be of service to others and getting involved in charity work.

On March 9th/10th, Mercury finally goes direct in Pisces, meaning that we can start moving forward in our lives again! After that, on March 16th, Mercury re-enters Pisces making us more dreamy, indirect and even indecisive. For that reason, some may find it difficult to make important decisions due to lack of concentration. 

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