Pisces Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits

With the Sun in the water zodiac sign Pisces, your energy is obscure and complex to determine. It is due to your character being connected to the heavenly spheres of the psyche. You can adapt quickly to a strange environment.

You are easily affected by others, due to your sensitive nature. You quickly soak the vibrations of people around you. Often you put your needs on the side to help others. That gives you a tendency to self-sacrifice. You are not usually interested in the material world.

As you progress on your journey to personal growth, you need to learn to trust in your strengths and not only on your weaknesses. It is true that to avoid the rigours of the spiritual path; you could become prey to your weaknesses. You may be prone to addictions, so it is advisable to be aware of overindulgence in drugs or alcohol. From time to time you may need to escape from the outside world to recharge your energy.
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