Sagittarius 2019


This year in the love department, simplicity and practical approach to romance will work best. Remember to communicate effectively with your loved ones and with people you spend the most time. Relationships with other people bring benefits and new acquaintances that can eventually lead to love. Each Sagittarius has now the chance to change his marital status.

Try to maintain a simple and harmonious style in everyday life. In this way, you will discover real happiness. Your relationship with your partner will flourish and start to work in a completely new way.


It may turn out that partial withdrawal from work will enable you to do travelling and even studying, improving your skills to earn extra money. You should pay more attention to expanding your horizons. You will have a chance to meet some important individuals, who will play an important role in your personal development. Try to open yourself to these new opportunities that come along in your life path.


You should direct your career in such a way you can feel satisfaction. If you happen to have financial issues this year (which you may have) perhaps it is time to think about doing changes in your career, like starting freelancing or setting up your own business. However, be aware that any changes can increase your responsibilities and put extra pressure on your personal life. Do not let work obscure what is really important to you – love and personal development.

Although 2019 will be positive for you dear Sagittarius, don’t get carried away by emotions as not every action you take this year will bring desired results. Try to get rid of some old bad habits or at least try to work on them.

Did you know that when you read about your Sun Sign horoscope, you are actually reading about your basic identity? For this reason, it may seem to you that it isn’t usually that accurate. You can find out much more information if you know your Rising Sign. This can be calculated by using your time (as accurate as possible), date and place of birth. If you are a Taurus Sun and your Rising Sign is Cancer, then the Cancer Horoscope will be more accurate than the one you would usually read for Taurus. If you don’t know how to calculate your Rising Sign use the birth chart tool.