Saturn in Astrology and its Significance


Saturnin Astrology is the ruler of Capricorn and the 10th house cusp and it signifies our physical need for self-protection and self-preservation. The basic need for food and shelter. Achieving these is led by the need for a physical sense of security that is within us all. That is the energy of Saturn, to maintain, to build, to preserve and to protect. That also needs to be maintained and looked after, and at this basic level, Saturn within us is the monitor for all our survival and physical needs.

Saturn is associated with discipline, external restrictions, rigid rules and structure. It brings order where there is chaos. Apart from that Saturn symbolises caution and protection wherever it is placed in the natal chart. Its placement can signify limitation, delays, frustration, duty, responsibility, inability and fear.

Saturn’s placement in the Natal Chart tells us what we most need to learn. The house shows the area of life and the sign can indicate the inherent challenge. The sign, therefore, can show fears and anxieties, from the past, that need to be worked through and released.

Saturn in Signs

Saturn in Aries indicates an ambitious individual with a strong will and a strict, determined approach to life. People with this placement often have trouble concentrating and tend to take on too formidable challenges. They enjoy taking risks, avoid routine, are objective and like to criticise.

For people born with Saturn in Taurus, one of the leading life goals is financial security. They are hard-working and organised. Social recognition is important to them, and they live according to traditional and universally recognised values. Saturn in this signifies a rather serious individual, who must know everything in advance.

Saturn in Gemini focuses on detailed information – people with this placement like to know everything. They analyse and check everything down to the smallest detail and always stick to the rules. Often they complete their tasks and duties before the deadline. While versatile and intuitive, they are open to new challenges and responsibilities.

People born with Saturn in Cancer take everything rather seriously, defending themselves against feelings of emotion. While they can be a little resistant to stress, they like to feel confident in the professional environment. They can manage interpersonal relations properly approaching people with great respect. Furthermore, they are prudent and practical, avoiding risks at all costs.

With Saturn in Leo, the social position takes a key stage. People with this placement have a good sense of humour, are loyal and creative, putting a lot of energy into implementing ideas. Apart from that, they are optimistic about their life, and they enjoy jobs that challenge them and will make them accomplish something fulfilling for what they will be remembered.

People born with Saturn in Virgo are patient and get the most satisfaction from a well-organised work routine. Practical and precise in their actions, they don’t like taking risks. Afraid of taking on new challenges and not being able to cope with them, they prefer to work for someone and have established responsibilities than delegate duties to others.

People born with Saturn in Libra look at everything from a distance. For that reason, they are fair and balanced in their decisions and have their ways to achieve what you care about in life. Furthermore, they dislike to take on too many tasks or responsibilities at once, but fortunately, they know their limits. Good at keeping promises, others can always count on them.

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