Saturn-Pluto conjunction

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A Turning Point in Global History – Changing the Future

By Cheryl Salerno

Sometimes we can look back and see times that were turning points in our lives, in our world. What could have been done to make a positive difference? What could we as individuals and as a group have done to steer events to a better outcome? We have just such an opportunity before us, right here, right now, at the end of 2019 and into next January of 2020.

Consider an upcoming celestial event as our chance as a united force field to influence its effect on our lives and on our world in a powerfully positive way. I’m referring to the planetary alignment of two “big hitters” in our solar system, Saturn and Pluto. These slow-moving planets take quite a bit of time to get together in the sky and have been dancing around each other all year. But what does it mean for us?

All the planets from Saturn on out ask us to change, each in its own way. Saturn is known – among other things – for its influence to remove anything or anyone in our lives that does not serve our purpose on earth. A kind of pruning, if you will. Whatever is not working for us has to go. Hold on to it and suffer. Pluto forces change by intense pressure, almost feeling like we cannot breathe or escape. What it touches over time undergoes a renewal, a resurrection, but often by means of inescapable pressure.

So what happens when they ‘get together”, when they align in the sky as conjunction? Any two planets aligning symbolize a kind of birth, a new start, a creation of energy that will influence how life on earth goes forward from that time on. Sometimes the effect is mild, sometimes powerful. Applying the Saturn-Pluto new birth energy, let’s look back and get an idea of the scope and power that this alignment can bring about.

August 1947, Saturn met Pluto meet at 13 degrees of the sign of Leo for a rebirth of things that are not working right on earth regarding Leo issues. These include – among other things – sports, entertainment, children. Pro sports up to that time paid players horribly. Many had to hold regular jobs just to support their families and survive. Many had to sleep in cars or buses If the team travelled to another area. The big money went to the owners and the imbalance was unfair. Zoom forward to the present day to see how Pluto and Saturn corrected that wrong and you see sports figures making phenomenal sums.

The same goes for the entertainment industry. Up to 1947 – and even after that for a while, since it does take a few years for planetary influence from the big hitters to kick in – movie stars were driven to turn out several productions a year and were often keep on drugs to keep them moving during the day and sleeping at night. Today, like with pro sports players, movie stars make a top dollar whether it’s for a movie or tv.

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The same can be said for musicians, who were worked to the bone up to that time touring and doing concerts but who now make the big sums.

Now we come to Leo’s rulership of children, who suffered as much injustice (unless they were from royalty or wealth) working on farms at early ages or in factories until child labour laws came into being. Still, children were not particularly regarded as human beings with any value until they matured and started “contributing to society”; and child psychology was barely in its infancy. Today we are not only concerned with the development of a child as an individual human being with his or her own gifts and talents, but we are learning to pay attention to the prenatal influences on the developing fetus and how they affect the child’s later growth and development.

Yes, these influences have taken decades to reform, and that should give us a good idea of how powerful such celestial births can be. Which brings us to what’s coming in January of 2020 and the reason my alarm bells keep going off.

On January 12, 2020, Saturn and Pluto conjoin in the sky at the 22nd degree in the sign of Capricorn. We’ve seen what happened with the conjunction in Leo. Now let’s look at what Capricorn holds for us. Most simply put, it is “the world”. This includes our planet itself, our governments and the structure of our lives, our banking system, corporations – all that big stuff. So what can we expect?

At the level of the physical earth, where tectonic plates are grinding together and weather patterns are more and more extreme, we’ve already been seeing how badly nature needs to be brought into balance because of how horribly mankind has fouled the environments of air and water and run ragged pillaging the spoils deep in the dirt. The warning signs from the earth have been there and the conjunction will force us – one way or another – to pay attention and take appropriate action. Or not.

On the governmental level, what needs to change? Is democracy or socialism or communism really “for the people” any more, as they were designed to be, or do they only serve the 1%? Are too many governments corrupt and need to be pruned down to operate more honestly and efficiently?

The same can be said of the banking industry that reaps phenomenal profits from legions of fees while they are protected from any wrong-doing against their customers who are the ones responsible for the banks’ existence and survival. Talk about cutting off the hand that feeds. And yet it has come to that by corrupted manipulation of the legal system.

Corporations worldwide will also be brought to task by Saturn and Pluto. Their focus has strayed far from manufacturing or offering quality and usefulness to making ridiculously cheap products that create dumpsites of third world countries, products we are brainwashed to believe that we cannot live without, throwing economies into tailspins of debt and teetering on the brink of collapse.

Yes, Capricorn holds sway over some of the biggest concerns of our lives. And with the planet Pluto’s deathly influence weighing in, we can also, thankfully, expect to see such repulsive factions of life as the international sex slave cartels, pornography, child abuse and violence removed from our world.

Let’s take a break and go back for a minute to the discussion about the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo in 1947. This was what I would call a “simple conjunction” in that they only got together in the sky at that degree without any other energies adding to or subtracting from it. And you can appreciate how sweeping those influences turned out to be over the following decades.

Well, the 2020 conjunction is what I would call “supercharged” and I say that for three reasons:

First, the conjunction happens in Capricorn, which is a sign that is ruled by Saturn. This means that Saturn is stronger in influence, as is any planet that travels through its own sign. So the pruning and correcting effects are now turned up a notch.

Second, Saturn and Pluto are not only conjoining at the 22nd degree of the constellation Capricorn, but they are also parallel, that is, together in the sky by declination, or at the same point above the earth’s equator, giving it double conjunction and again multiplying their effect.

Third, as if we needed any more power added to this celestial phenomenon, there is an eclipse on January 10, 2020, near that degree and along with that is the planet Mercury which is also conjunct and parallel to Saturn and Pluto. (Numerologists will also note that a 22nd degree is a power number, so do we need any more reasons to take this event very, very seriously and see what we can do to engage and steer this energy into constructive corrections?)

So now we have the Sun, Mercury, the earth, Saturn and Pluto – five of our 10 solar system planets — all together three-dimensionally in the sky, strongly influencing and in a way pulling on the very fabric of our lives on earth.

Yes, there’s much that needs to be reformed and it’s been talked about for a long time by those with the intelligence and foresight enough to read the writing on the wall.

And now it’s coming time to pay the piper and make the changes. Left on its own, the changes look to hold some horribly devastating outcomes for the planet and for the people. We have been seeing and feeling the chaos of things out of control for some years now. Violence, storms, floods, fires, tsunamis, quakes, terror attacks. But is there anything we can do to shift or lessen the catastrophes that keep happening and that are slated by this massive super-conjunction to continue and get even worse in the coming years before the phoenix is reborn from the ashes?

This question has reminded me of scenes I’ve seen of bombed-out cities and towns and buildings, where the rubble is sky high and people with grim faces are moving the debris brick by brick to clear the way for rebuilding. All the painstaking time it takes to rebuild from the ashes. What can we do?

I believe that a united force field of positive energy – whether through prayer or meditation or creative imagery or heartfelt desire – can influence events in our lives. Without a doubt. I’ve seen this happen enough to know it’s true and real. So from now through January, let’s all of us determine to focus only positive, light-filled, loving thoughts and feelings of how this world, this life could look, could feel, and could be lived.

If your concerns are for the earth herself, see her with clean air and pure water, species surviving and thriving, zones temperate with just the right balance of sunshine and rain to support life.

If your concerns are for humanity, see all the people with more than enough not only to live with the basic necessities but enough to develop into their full potentials, healthy, educated in whatever social group they belong to, individually bringing their gifts more fully into the world, thriving at a high level of fulfilment and satisfaction. See us all as accepting of differences and respectful of each other, enjoying the wonders and diversity of humankind.

See our governments and institutions, banks and corporations run by people qualified to administer with equanimity, fairness, business acumen, mutual respect and responsibility. Imagining this all brings an element of sanity, safety, even pleasure to what many of us experience every day when we turn on the tv or get on the internet.

If we can do this daily, and especially on the 10th and 12th of January, 2020, then I wholeheartedly believe that we can lessen the catastrophes and hasten the rebuilding by adding grace and light and love to the growth process our solar system is requiring of us. Whether we think of the future as a new earth, as Eden reborn, as rising to a higher dimension, as elevating the consciousness of the world, what matters is only that we do this together.

If I can be so bold as to suggest that we put forth our heartfelt efforts at noon and/or midnight every day — times that are recognized as “changeovers” — that might be ideal. But it’s even more critical that we co-create our new world consistently, daily, at whatever time we can make it happen.

We can affect this celestial birth. We. Together. An untapped powerhouse to harness today, now. Let’s do this!

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