Taurus Horoscope 2019

This year will bring you both successes and failures. Initially, in the first half of the year, you will have significantly more development opportunities than in the second half of the year.


There is a chance that your income will increase and you will have a chance to save some money too. Nevertheless, as your incoming money flow will increase, at the same time you are going to have more expenses too.


If you are single or looking for love then this will be a very good year for you. There is a high probability that you will meet someone this year. You will have a chance to expand your circle of friends and have a more vibrant social life. This could be a perfect chance to meet your soulmate; try to be open to these experiences.


Your finance sector is looking very promising in the first half of the year when you will be able to make large profits. It might get a bit harder in the second half. There might be even some losses, so make sure you control your finances effectively. If you will try to invest money in a property this year, make sure you check all the information before committing to anything, ensure that there isn’t any catch.

In March Uranus will be moving back into your sign from Aries, where it will remain for the next few years. This will be a time of change and unexpected events in your life. This means that you might change the way you see the world and life in general. Try to be flexible and remain calm, so that you adapt to these changes with ease.

Be extra careful when travelling this year. Don’t rush, be patient in traffic. If needed leave earlier rather than stress yourself in traffic situations.

Furthermore, there could be a chance for property investment.

Did you know that when you read about your Sun Sign horoscope, you are actually reading about your basic identity? For this reason, it may seem to you that it isn’t usually that accurate. You can find out much more information if you know your Rising Sign. This can be calculated by using your time (as accurate as possible), date and place of birth. If you are a Taurus Sun and your Rising Sign is Cancer, then the Cancer Horoscope will be more accurate than the one you would usually read for Taurus. If you don’t know how to calculate your Rising Sign, just go to ASK ASTRO HARMONY and drop me a message 🙂 – Thank you

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