Taurus November 2019

The month begins with Mercury turning retrograde in water sign Scorpio. It could cause delays and frustrations in transport, short trips and all types of communication like email correspondence, phone calls, social media, and so on. Perhaps you may have to repeat some things like for instance re-send an email. This retrograde is taking place in your relationship area, and it concerns the relationship with yourself and relationship with other people. It is an important time to think about the balance and communication within your relationships with other people. Ask yourself if you are being heard and if you are listening to others. If you answer no to any of these questions, then think about what should be changed. It is not a good time with Mercury retrograde to begin a new relationship. You may want to wait until Mercury goes direct. For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘retrograde’ here is an explanation. A planet is retrograde when it seems to be moving backwards from the view on Earth. However, in reality, it isn’t moving backwards; it just appears to be. During the Mercury retrograde, it is not the best time for beginning new projects.
Nevertheless, it can be a good time for completing them or planning one and implementing it ones Mercury goes direct. Mercury ends his retrograde and goes direct in Scorpio on 20th November. At that point, travel and communication should return to normal.

With Uranus in Your Sign, you want less restriction, less limitation and more independence.

On the 1st Venus is moving to your 8th house joining Jupiter. It is great for anything with a relationship taking it into a deeper level, some good news about partner’s finances. You may receive money from someone else.

A full moon occurs on 12th November in your sign Taurus in your 1st house. It is a great time to do something nice for yourself and to pumper yourself.

Mars leaves Libra and enters water sign Scorpio on the 18th November. It is a good time for putting energy into your relationship, especially since Mercury is about to go direct.

The Sun joins Venus in Sagittarius in your area of joint resources and intimacy on the 22nd. Shortly after, on 26th November occurs the New moon in Sagittarius in the same house. With this New Moon, you may receive some good news in regards to your taxes. Also, if you are involved in some investments, they may now come into fruition.

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