The Houses of Astrology – Ninth House

9th house
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Welcome to the ‘luckiest’ house of Astrology and what is ‘luck’ but being in the right place at the right time AND in being in your right mind?

By Thomas Muldoon

In this house, you’ll come to understand the meaning of the word TRUTH (which is often the opposite of what we’re taught to believe). The sign on the cusp and where its ruler is located on your chart will give you some understanding as to what you will learn from life. The church and the clergy as institutions are shown here. Lawyers, judges, the courts, lawsuits and big business are also shown here along with imports and exports and dealings with foreign countries.

A few other things related to this house: Publishing, diaries (anything written). International anything, God’s, gurus and so-called spiritual leaders are also shown here. Just as the third house shows your formal education the ninth show your higher education, universities, etc. Foreign places, foreign people, dealings with those ‘foreign’ to you are all shown here. Keywords: Lessons learnt through living. The higher mind: Religion and faith. Luck and in creating luck in your life for believe it or not ‘luck’ is not some random thing – no way for the old saying: “God helps those who help themselves” is what luck is all about…

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Understanding this house is all about reflecting and rethinking your life (particularly when there are transits (and the Sun enters this house once a year) or progressions. Spiritual experiences or insights are shown here as well as searching for spiritual meaning. Being born again and your ability to perceive right and wrong (moral issues) are shown here along with your beliefs or lack thereof.

Your partner’s brothers and sisters (your in-laws) are shown here along with any grandchildren (being the 5th from the 5th) and if you have any children your 3rd child is shown in this house – check it out for!

Ask yourself this question: “What do I believe in?” Look to your ninth house and explore all there is to see for it’s in this house you’ll come to understand a few TRUTHS about yourself, some pleasant some unpleasant. As mentioned this is the house of luck (based upon being in the right place at the right time, based upon your past thinking and based upon your faith in a better world) for this is the house of vision and the transcendence of minor or petty matters. Any form of bigotry is a perversion of this house…

When questions of travel arise (this house ‘rules’ long-distance travel) look for any aspects or progressions to this house along with any planets contained herein for this’ll give you clues as to the kind of travel, the people you might meet or the things that might happen to you along the way. Remembering the 3rd house (opposite the 9th) rules short trips. When questions arise regarding where am I going in life, look to the 9th house. When questions arise as to what you’ve learnt from your life, look to the 9th. When questions arise as to who or what is the meaning of the word god? Look to the 9th. If questions arise regarding the law, look to the 9th. Reminding you once again, the planets tell you what, the house tells you where and the signs tell you how. No matter what sign is on the cusp of the 9th there’s always a Sagittarian ‘feel’ to this area of your chart so look to where the planet Jupiter is in your natal chart for that’ll give you some idea as to what you can do to fulfil your life…

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