The Houses of Astrology – The 5th House

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Believe it or not when the Sun enters the 5th house (and he does so every year around the same time) things start to happen. Some of the keywords that are given to this sector of your chart are Pleasures: Children: Holidays: Hobbies: Speculation: Creativity: Childhood.

By Thomas Muldoon

Being the house of creativity it can be said that this is the house of pregnancy (desired or otherwise). Look to this house for information about your (if any) first-born child. The element of the sign on the cusp can indicate the qualities of this child, example: Fire or Air on the cusp of the 5th can point towards Male children with Earth or Water towards Female children. Keeping in mind this is the quality of the child (positive or negative).

This is also the house of the Inner Child, that part of us which likes to play, have fun and wants to stay eternally young.

Examine any planets in this house for they’ll tell you if you’re expressing or repressing your natural inclinations.

Explore this house and see if you’re expressing your own uniqueness or if you’re conforming to the expectations of others.

Explore what I’ve just said in relation to your own childhood and see if you were allowed to ‘be’ or if you were playing a part (this is also the house of acting and theatre!).

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This ‘house’ offers information about the love you have to give, love affairs and those people whom you are immediately attracted to (good or bad).

This is also the house of risk-taking, of speculation and gambling.

Fire signs take risks with Earth signs being more cautious.

Air signs prefer a partner to share in their risk-taking with the Water signs wanting it both, short-term gain yet long-term return…

Look for the ‘ruler’ of your 5th and see where it’s located on your chart for this is where you’ll find life, this is where you have most to give, where you can be creative, enjoy yourself and re-charge your batteries.

Being the ‘house’ of holidays and recreation look to where the ruler is located (by house or sign) and see where you’re most likely to enjoy yourself, example if the ruler was in the 3rd then you’d enjoy short trips, in the 9th you’d enjoy long trips, in the 4th you’d be better of at home and so on.

Planets contained in this house can also indicate the kind of people whom you might meet or find yourself attracted to or fascinated by, example; if you had Jupiter here then you might be attracted to Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) or those with strong Jupiter traits.

If you had Mercury here then you might be attracted to Gemini’s or Virgo types. The list and possibilities are endless so explore this area of your chart for it belongs to the self-expressive quadrant.

Although the 6th house is the house of work the 5th house often indicates the workaholic… someone who thinks of him or herself as indispensable!

Sure, we all need to work but we also need to relax and learn the value of play, the healing in our hobbies and the doing of what we love doing. If we won’t allow ourselves to ‘play’ then the creative forces that are being repressed will seek another outlet (usually destructive). This is the house of the heart…

Being the house of romance it should be understood that this does not necessarily mean commitment for one-night-stands are indicated here, fleeting moments (with or without consequences).

Look to the 9th and 1st houses for more information about the 5th. Creativity, ideas and inspirations find fertile soil in this house for this is the area of the artist, the author, poet or anyone who wants their name or work remembered.

Keep in mind this is the house of ‘joy’ of ‘fun’ and amusement.

Check out the sign on the cusp, any planets or aspects for this’ll all tell you if you’re expressing or repressing your natural inclinations. If you don’t do what you ‘love’ doing then you have a serious issue to deal with, explore your 5th…

If your first-born child (idea) is indicated here then any second-born ‘child’ is shown in the 7th and any third born is shown in the 9th and so on.

Remembering, this is YOUR relationship. The child or idea will discover his or her relationship with you from looking at the 4th or 10th house from the 5th. So, if you want to understand what your ‘child’ sees in you then look at these houses.

Keep in mind the planets tell you what, the house tells you where and the signs tell you how. Until next time, enjoy the ‘romance’ associated with this time of the year in your chart.

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