The Houses of Astrology – The Eighth House

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One of the most misunderstood ‘houses’ when looking at any chart for it contains the essence of radical and fundamental change – which scares most people.

By Thomas Muldoon

Called one of the terminal houses (along with the 4th and 12th) for when the Sun (and he enters this house once a year) or any transiting planet enters this house/sector changes that are necessary (or that need to be faced) are experienced, endured and undergone – all necessary in order to grow.

Keep one thought in mind when analysing this house: “God (or the Universe) gives you only those ‘burdens’ you are capable of carrying-not a gram less or a gram more.” The sign on the cusp of any aspects to this house will indicate your response to and your capacity for survival. When looking at any natal chart look to this house for hidden talents, along with the support you’ll receive from others, whether emotional, financial or moral. Transiting planets entering or leaving this ‘house’ will bring radical and fundamental changes into one’s life, look for them.

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I like to look at the houses of astrology as actual ‘places’ and the ‘visitors’ (the planets) coming for a visit. Some are welcome some are not – some stay for only a short period – others for longer. When was the last time you had someone come to stay at your place asking for a bed for the night and staying for months on end? When the Sun pays a visit each year he wants you to change in some way – when the planet Mercury enters he asks for a change in your thinking. When Venus enters she asks you to shift your values a little. All the planets (visitors) create their own theme. I’ll elaborate more in another article, for the moment take a look at your chart or construct one from a simple circle of 12 sections (like a pizza) putting your Sun sign at the 9 pm position then anti-clockwise the other signs until you have all 12 slices of your pizza. The sign on the 8th is where you should look for anything transiting or visiting.

This house has a few keywords and they are Death: Re-birth: The Occult: Secrets: Sex: Crisis and Intimacy all of which can frighten us or stimulate us into action. Psychology and psychiatry are all shown here along with psychic ability or interest. Death and taxes along with inheritances, legacies and wills are shown along with your ‘partners’ money (this being the 2nd house from the 7th). This house also indicates surgery along with any probable cause of death or regeneration. A few examples: These are given as a guideline only for when I look at my own chart I look to the 8th for the following indicators (see your medical practitioner for advice on any medical condition- these are Astrological guidelines only)

Aries: Prone to disorders of the brain, accidents or violent endings, fevers and cerebral thrombosis.

Taurus: Heart attacks, cancer or the throat, tumours, sinus problems. Complications during surgery can also produce death or injury!

Gemini: Lung trouble, bronchitis and poisoning (as a result of the wrong medication).

Cancer: Diseases of the breast, stomach, pancreas along with malignant growths! Drowning, food poisoning and sleepwalking, thereby endangering life!

Leo: Coronary thrombosis, angina, meningitis, spinal difficulties. Heart attacks, aneurysms, and blood disorders.

Virgo: Intestinal difficulties, duodenum and spleen complications. Danger from industrial or work-related illnesses.

Libra: Kidney problems, urinary tract infections. The loss of a partner can indicate giving up the will to live, suicide?

Scorpio: Hernia, appendicitis, haemorrhoids, sexually transmitted diseases.

Sagittarius: Tumors, growths, abscesses, accidents (sporting).

Capricorn: Chronic ailments, senile decay, childhood illness = measles, mumps, etc leaving their mark into adulthood.

Aquarius: Blood poisoning, pernicious anaemia along with dropsy. Aquarius here can indicate a hole in the heart (in children) and danger from electrocution (shock treatment).

Pisces: Can indicate and early death (as a result of abuse, drugs, booze, etc.) Glandular disorders, fluid in the lungs and drug dependency.

The eighth house is one of the most complex and the scariest yet, we all have the 8th house so explore the above and don’t be afraid to dig as deep as you can into the sign on the cusp, it’s ruler on the chart and any aspects to this house.

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