Love in Astrology

Timing in Astrology is essential. In this article, we will explore the best timings for new love, romance and marriage.

By Justyna Rossy

Love and astrology have its own unique timing, and there are indications within your progressed chart that will help you discover and learn about those particular years when someone new will be coming into your life, or it’s a suggestion of a marriage year.

The best way for the analysis is to generate a natal, progressed and transit chart and compare them together, by creating a tri-wheel.

When you generate your progressed charts, (try you can then begin to compare it to your natal chart. Each planet progresses at a different rate with fastest moving planets moving quickest and slower-moving so slowly, even 1 degree every ten years. For that reason, you mainly focus on the fastest moving planets in your progressed chart like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. When one of your love planets progresses to make an aspect to one of your natal planets or another progressed planet, this is a vital factor to take into consideration.

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Aspects that are created by a progressed planet to a natal planet are the most powerful, but you will also see them making aspects to the other progressed planets.

The most popular aspects in love astrology are the conjunction, trine, and sextile. However, squares and oppositions are also vital.

However, the most commonly seen aspects of love in astrology are between the following planetary combinations: Venus and Mars, Sun and Venus, Sun and Mars, Sun and Moon, Moon and Venus, Moon and Mars and finally any of the love planets to the angles and the ruler of the 7th house.

Also, don’t forget to look at your Arabic Part of Marriage and love planets making an aspect to this point.

When you are examining your love planets in the progressed chart to
natal/ progressed planets, it is essential that you stick to a 1-degree orb.

Pay attention to the time when Venus, makes an exact aspect (to 1 degree after )and similarly Mars, makes an exact aspect, or 1 degree before and one after.

To find the best timing for new romance or marriage, look at the transiting planets of love triggering the planets in your progressed chart. It will also work if you are already in a relationship and are looking for a marriage year.

I personally also like to look at New Moon taking place in either 5th, the house of romance and love and/or 7th house, the house of relationships and marriage. New Moon is a time of new beginning, making it an excellent for starting new projects, commitments and plans.

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